Back To School: Facing Your Semester Head On

It’s easy to get caught up in the madness of attending class and writing a multitude of essays while currently balancing articles for an online magazine. However, even in the madness, the opportunity to be completely organized from the start can give us joy. When directly being well organized at the beginning of the semester, you are more likely to succeed in your classes. Here are a few tips on how I face my semester head on. 

  • Hang Your Everyday Schedule 

There are websites available such as Study Gizmo where you can create your weekly planner. Print this out and place it where you will see it each day. This helps you stay on track of where you need to be, mapping out how to use your time wisely.  

  • Use a Planner Daily 

Focus on your life week to week. By doing this it gives an allotted goal time of when you should be completing assignments and other due dates. It also helps to have your planner available while in class, that way if your professor gives an assignment you are less likely to forget.  

  • Stay Focused in Your Classes 

Your classes require a lot of attention. I highly suggest printing the syllabus out for each course you take. Mark on a calendar or in your planner when you have exams or important assignments due. This will help you to never forget and you’ll always be one step ahead.  

  • Ask Questions  

If you are finding yourself struggling in a course, be sure to visit your professor in their office hours or even try speaking up in class, I guarantee someone is just as confused as you are with something.