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This article is not meant to scare anyone or make anyone feel unsafe. It is simply informative and entertaining. You can take this however you would like an if at any point you feel uncomfortable do not continue to read it. There are other happier articles that you can read such as ‘7 Misconceptions About Dinosaurs’ or  ‘57 Thought Provoking Questions To Ask Yourself’.


Cameras used to be big and bulky, but now they are everywhere. We don’t realize how small cameras actually are or how easy it is to get them. With Amazon Prime, if you have $20 you can buy a hidden camera and place it wherever you want in your home. Cameras can be disguised as phone chargers, clocks, smoke detectors, and even screws. This means that there can be multiple cameras in every room hiding in plain sight.

What does this mean when you are staying at a hotel? Are there people watching you sleep? Or spying on you while you shower? 

This article is inspired by Shane Dawson’s most recent conspiracy theory video that was posted on his second channel titled  “Warning Signs With Shane Dawson”. After coaxing his friends to a hotel with the illusion of murder mystery night, he lets the fun begin. While the group is frantically searching the hotel room for evidence, Dawson is watching and waiting.  What the group doesn’t know is that the hotel room is bugged with nanny-cams. 

Dawson went through and placed nanny cams throughout the room. After the group becomes overly invested with the ‘murder investigation’, Dawson announced the real reason why they were called out to the hotel. 

The goal was to point out the objects that had cameras and to not only educate themselves on hidden cameras, but also educate their viewers. Hidden cameras are terrifying. There have been cases that are coming into the media of employers or employees hiding cameras in bathrooms at work or even patrons hiding cameras in bathrooms of public places

The video definitely showed that cameras can be hidden in plain sight, disguised as everyday objects. It was also interesting to find out that in Airbnb’s as long as you disclose that there are cameras and show where the cameras are located, you are allowed to have them in any common area. This includes the living room, kitchen, hallways, essentially everywhere but the bathroom and bedroom. But technically as long as the camera itself is not in the room it’s allowed, so the screw that’s in the light switch plate across from the bedroom could be a camera. The only way that you would know is by checking. 

When it comes to checking for cameras, the key is to shine a flashlight or phone light. The light will bounce back at you if there is a camera. You also need to look very carefully. Sometimes the cameras are difficult to see, even while using a flashlight. The hidden camera that was in the picture frame in the video was difficult to find even though the group knew what to look for and they were using a flashlight.

Michelle Boyette

Coastal Carolina '22

Michelle is a student studying public health, psychology, and creative writing. She is hoping that through her writing she will spark joy and change in a world that is desperately in need of both.
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