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8 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Every year on February 14th, signs and reminders of love are everywhere. Although Valentine’s Day is typically targeted at romantic and intimate love, there are plenty of ways everyone can appreciate this holiday whether you’re single or in a relationship. A holiday all about love is the perfect nudge to show appreciation for things and people in our lives that we cherish the most. If you’re single, don’t roll your eyes at this holiday and move on. Here are some ways to spend the 14th:

1) Deck Yourself Out in Pink & Red

Okay, so I could be biased since pink and red are my favorite colors, but the color scheme for Valentine’s Day is everything. Pick out your perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day and dress yourself up like the bundle of joy you are.

2) Binge Watch Rom-Coms

Rom-Coms are one of the best movie genres for light hearted fun when you just want to enjoy yourself. If you’re looking for a good rom com, check out The Half Of It, Straight Up, or Someone Great on Netflix. 

3) All the Candy

If nothing else on this list convinces you to love Valentine’s Day, the candy definitely should. On Valentine’s Day, it is completely acceptable and somewhat expected that you bask yourself in chocolate throughout the entire day. So go get yourself a heart shaped chocolate tray and dig in!

4) Get Yourself Flowers

I absolutely adore fresh flowers and especially plants that I can keep and continue to grow in my windowsill. If you feel this way, too, treat yourself to some flowers this February 14th. 

5) Do a Random Act of Kindness

All the self-love on Valentine’s Day is great when you’re single, but don’t discredit doing something nice for another person, too. A random act of kindness can go a long way and you may never know the impact it has on someone else. Trying to think of something special to do? Check out this list of 50 random acts of kindness

6) Write a Thank You Note

Write a thank you note to someone who has done something nice for you or someone else recently. Let them know that their work and kindness are not going unseen or unappreciated. 

7) Write Yourself a Love Letter

Yep. Seriously, I just told you to do that. The words we speak to ourselves matter. We talk to ourselves more than we talk to any other human. If what we are saying is not kind, it can have serious consequences on our mental health. Take some time to value yourself for all that you have done and overcome. Value and appreciate who you are inside and out and put it into words. Hang on to this love letter and read it on a rough day. 

8) Donate to a Good Cause

On a day filled with love, what better to do than donate to a cause that you care about? Even small donations matter and make a difference. 


Whether you do just one or all eight of these ideas on Valentine’s Day, I hope that they help you to see Valentine’s Day as a fun day filled with love and appreciation for everyone rather than just a day for those in a romantic relationship.


Lily Bryant

Coastal Carolina '21

Lily Bryant is an English major at Coastal Carolina University with minors in Women's and Gender Studies and Marketing. In her free time she loves to read, write, sing, and do pretty much anything artsy. Her goals in life are to inspire others, create good change, and be a successful author. View her work here at Her Campus or on her personal blog at lilyabryant.com.