3 Study Tips to Help you Finish Strong

April is upon us which means it is crunch time for all of us college students. The laptops are opening, the coffee is brewing, and the stress levels are rising. Yet, with all of this studying we are doing just how productive are we being during those endless hours in the library?

With these tips, you will be sure to make the most of your time in the library this semester.


  1. 1. Put the phone away!

    I love my phone as much as the next college student, but it can be very distracting, especially when you are trying to study. Try turning it off and putting it in your backpack. You can also set it up to charge in an area where it is out of your site.

  2. 2. Find a good spot where you can thrive.

    Whether that spot is your local Starbucks, the library, or the lounge in your dorm, there is a good study spot for everyone. Once you find it you are bound to succeed.

  3. 3. Flashcards, flashcards, flashcards

    If there is anything that can help you memorize important information it is flashcards. Just keep going through them and you will know the information in no time!