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3 of the Easiest Hands-Down Best Thanksgiving Desserts (vegan options included!)

If you are a major foodie like me, then you must adore Thanksgiving: a holiday centered around family, friends, and (most importantly) food. While I love all the savory dishes like stuffing, turkey, and mashed potatoes, something that brings me so much joy is the desserts. For starters, the smells of certain ingredients are so special and unique to certain times of the year. When you smell a delicious dessert baking, you may think of you grandma, aunt, mom, or family you may have not seen in a long time. On the other hand, you may have signed up to bring some kind of dessert to a friendsgiving or holiday dinner. All of these recipes can be made in under an hour – so no more bringing store-bought cookies to thanksgiving dinner. I tried out all of these amazing sweet recipes so you don’t have to.

  1. Cinnamon Pecan Bars (Vegan)

This recipe is from Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen, and let me tell you – it is to die for. I decided to make it one day during this fall season because I happened to have all the ingredients, and I was craving something sweet. Creamy pecan topping on top of homemade shortbread-like crust. It tastes like a mini pecan pie. This delectable dessert is also dairy-free/vegan, it has 11 ingredients all together, and you can make them in less than an hour. You could also try using other nuts like walnuts, almond, or peanuts if needed!

  1. Double Chocolate Chip Brownies (Vegan)

While brownies are a common dessert, they are also great for thanksgiving. Everybody loves brownies (even most picky eaters) and these ones are a crowd favorites. In addition, when I cooked these brownies, no one made a comment about them being vegan. They instead kept going on about how delicious they were. They are so easy to make and only have 8 ingredients (minus the chocolate chips). Although, I chose to cook them a little underdone and add the chocolate chips like the recipe online states. Like the recipe above, you could also add pecans, peanuts, or sprinkles instead of or with the chocolate chips!

  1. Frosted Pumpkin Cake

My mom makes this cake every single year on Thansgiving. My entire family adores it, and they would honestly be so disappointed if she went a year without making it. It features a decadent cake topped with sweet cream cheese icing. There are plenty of renditions of the exact recipe she uses, but this recipe from all recipes is the most similar to hers. Try it out for yourself!

These are just a few of the recipes that are try and true for me. However, get out of your comfort zone this season. It is the absolute best time of the year to try out something new so you can share it with friends and family! 

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