2020 Election: Lawsuits Controversy

As the world erupted in celebration of the new President-Elect of the United States, there is a dark cloud looming over the relief that many of us had felt when the news was announced. Many of us sat glued to the constant stream of numbers being displayed on whichever news network at the time, doubts spread on both sides if they would win the election. But, one side has been spreading this doubt purposefully in the hopes of changing the outcome. Mail-in ballots were a large part of this election, and most of the legal and political issues surround them. A large part of this is due to the President's consistent rhetoric and his campaign to spread disinformation about the validity of the election. With his family and supporters tweeting out misinformation about the country's election and results, tension began to grow. As a result, many Trump supporters flocked to counting centers to either protest vote counting or told the poll workers that they should count their votes. Thus far, the messages from the White House have not been consistent as he has been cherry-picking states that he feels he needs for this election and spreading proven disinformation. This has put many voters on edge as the race was too close to call for quite some time. To push their agenda further, the Trump campaign has continued to file lawsuits and join other republican cases in attempts to cast doubt on the validity of this election. As the election was called on Saturday, November 7th, the President-Elect gave his declaration of victory speech. But in the shadows, the Trump campaign had continued to claim that they would have this election in the bag claiming fraud in the following weeks. One of the main issues with these claims of fraud is that the campaign has provided no substantial evidence of fraud thus far. Other reputable sources who are reporting on these suits as well are also reporting such substantial evidence.

Overall what does this mean for the average voter? Essentially, we now have to watch and wait as the GOP and the Trump campaign continue to dig themselves deeper into this rhetoric. Those firmly in the Trump camp have supported him publicly. Some major players in the party have been attempting to either keep silent or keep a neutral tone when referencing the lawsuits. Without evidence, there is little chance that the Trump campaign would do much of anything beyond calling for a recount in individual states. If the state does not have an automatic recount law, then the campaign will have to pay for it outside of the margins for an automatic recount. However, one of the significant claims that the campaign has been making is that they will be taking cases to the Supreme court if necessary. Is this possible? Yes. This is due to Pennslyvania and how they allowed for mail-in ballots postmarked on election day to arrive three days later. The Republicans have repeatedly attempted to get these ballots tossed out. Yet, election officials have often stated that these ballots were separated from the other votes and are not part of the total thus far in Pennsylvania. This case went to the Supreme Court two times before Amy Coney Barrett was nominated. We may see a ruling on these ballots by the court even though elections and how they are handled are a state matter. Even if the GOP can keep control of the Senate, the continued backing of a candidate who refuses to acknowledge that he has outright lost a free and fair election is damaging to the party's future.

The further controversy stems from the issues surrounding the lack of communication about the Trump administration transition to the Biden team. This lack of communication will make it much more difficult for the Biden team to get their plans in motion for the administration and the basic running of the behind the scenes. One of the highest cabinet officials, the Secretary of State, made a recent claim that there would be a transition to another Trump administration. This is a poor reflection both on the State Department and the Trump administration as they are refusing to cooperate in this transition properly. Additionally, the Trump administration has not given the Biden team access to intelligence, meaning that the future President of the United States is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to what he should be focusing on beyond the pandemic. Internationally, world leaders have congratulated the President-elect and have made clear statements that they look forward to working with him. This is a clear indication that globally, the future President of the United States is Joseph Biden.

As the Trump Administration solidifies its legacy as one that failed to manage a pandemic, sent out lawsuit after lawsuit after losing an election, and one that has a nation divided. The Biden team must continue to give out a message of stability and healing in this time of political instability. The American people have spoken. They chose the next President of the United States. Now the hard work begins.