Zodiac Signs as Characters from Teen Wolf

Have you ever watched Teen Wolf and wondered, I wonder which member I am based on my zodiac sign? Then congratulations, you're reading the right article! I did a similar article in January except instead of Teen Wolf, I used Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters. This time, I decided to use Teen Wolf instead! So buckle up and get ready to be told which character you are based on your astrological sign!

Aries: Kira Yukimura 

Kira is an Aries for one big reason - she's fierce and competitive, just like Aries. She's incredibly courageous and optimistic as well, which makes her and Scott such a great match. However, she can be a bit impulsive and aggressive, which is a weakness of Aries people. 

Taurus: Allison Argent 

Allison was a little bit tricky to place but I ultimately decided on Taurus. She's a Taurus because no one is quite as reliable or as devoted to their cause as Allison is. Whatever her focus is, she is 200% involved in it. As she's this determined she can be majorly stubborn and uncompromising which is a weakness we see in the show. 

Gemini: Peter Hale 

Peter Hale is one of my favorite 'villains' of the show because he added so much of himself in it. He loved being in drama and caused the show's plot to really take place. Without him, Scott would've never been bitten. He is certainly curious and adaptable a common trait of Gemini as he has to know almost everyone's business. However, he is certainly inconsiderate as his lack of regard for people's feelings causes a significant amount of conflict. 

Cancer: Isaac Lahey

Oh, Isaac Lahey, I love you so much. Isaac is a soft little sunshine who I will protect fiercely. Isaac is tenacious and extremely loyal, staying close to first Derek's, then Scott's, pack. He would easily fight for the ones he loves. Isaac has an insecure streak though and can be fairly moody. 

Leo: Scott McCall

As the one true alpha of the show, it's impossible to not put Scott as Leo. Leos are the leadership sign of the zodiac and therefore he has to be here. He's also creative and passionate like many Leos but he has the fatal flaw of being stubborn and often times inflexible. Additionally, he's also very cheerful and humorous and would die for his friends. 

Virgo: Lydia Martin

Lydia was the hardest to nail down. She's never been my favorite character and I struggled to put her in a sign that really fit her. I ultimately decided on Virgo. She's mainly a Virgo because she's analytical and incredibly hardworking. I mean she's got one of the highest GPAs at their high school. However, she has the flaws of being too hardworking as well as being overly critical. 

Libra: Derek Hale 

Finally, we've reached one of my favorite characters (Stiles is a close second). Derek caught my attention by his gruff demeanor and then stole my heart with his tragic backstory. Despite such a gruff exterior, he really is a loving guy. Derek learns to be diplomatic and is certainly fair-minded. He is gracious and cares a lot about being fair. However, he is certainly self-pitying (though for good reason) and will certainly carry a grudge.

Scorpio: Erica Reyes 

Oh, Erica, you were given too little screen time. You were such a fun person to see on screen and then they just killed you. However, with your little time on Teen Wolf, you definitely showed that you were a Scorpio. Erica was fantastically brave and passionate as well as being a true friend to most of the main cast but particularly Vernon Boyd. She did also show her violent and secretive side during her time on the show but she was a werewolf, after all.

Sagittarius: Braeden

Another female character who didn't get enough screen time. Braeden, you were so funny for your short period of time on the show as well as being super idealistic. You were fierce and strong and believed in one thing. She did say anything and everything on her mind, not caring about the consequences in the slightest. 

Capricorn: Malia Tate

Malia Tate - the fierce werecoyote who was an unpredictable presence. Some of you might be curious as to why I put her here but I swear, I have my reasons. Malia, while may not being disciplined and having good self-control, was incredibly responsible. She was stubborn and unforgiving and was a central, strong force in the pack. 

Aquarius: Stiles Stilinski

Stiles Stilinksi is one of my favorite characters - it's true (and no, I did not put him here because he's my favorite and I'm an Aquarius). Stiles shares a lot of the main Aquarius traits - primarily being independent and original. I can confidently say there's no one quite like Stilinksi in the whole cast of the show, let alone the whole world. However, he can certainly be aloof and temperamental, which is a weakness of the sign.

Pisces: Mason Hewitt

Nothing will explain the joy I felt when I realized Mason was a Pisces. Mason was such a good character and I will forever be bitter they didn't give me a lot of screentime. Anyway, Mason is very much a Pisces. He is super compassionate about all the things he believes in and is super wise. However, Mason can be absurdly overly-trusting and fearful. 

That it's for the Zodiac signs as Teen Wolf characters! Are you happy with your choice of character? Is there anyone you would have switched around? Let me know! Also, happy Virgo season!