Zodiac: Aries

Hello, everyone! I hope you are having a good start to April. Today, we are talking about Aries--the next Zodiac in the equation. Enjoy!


Aries is from March 21st - April 19th. Aries has the element of fire. Its color is red (not surprising), and they are most compatible with Libras & Leos.  

Personality Traits

An Aries is someone full of energy and is always active. It is the nature of an Aries to take action on almost everything, although that sometimes can lead them into trouble. An Aries is a great multi-tasker.

Some of their strengths include: courageous, determined, passionate, honest, optimistic

Some of their weaknesses include: impatient, moody, impulsive (this is where the trouble starts), and aggressive

Aries like sports, physical challenges, and being a leader. On the other hand, they dislike delays and work that does not use their talents.

An Aries is a person full of life and ready to go for anything with the energy and drive they have. They can’t do all the work alone though, which is why they are excellent at working with others.

Famous Aries

Lady Gaga - she just turned 33 on March 28th

Robert Downey Jr. - He wil turn 54 on April 4th (who is ready for Avengers: Endgame??!)

Elton John - he just turned 72 on March 25th

Maya Angelou - although she is deceased, she was born on April 4th

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about the zodiac Aries. If you are an Aries, do these personality traits remind you of yourself? If you aren't, do they remind you of an Aries you know? Also, isn’t cool to be the same zodiac as Lady Gaga and Tony Stark (sorry--Robert Downey Jr.)?