Youtubers To Watch

Here's a list of youtubers that I've been obsessed with lately and that you should start watching now too! This is quite a wide variety, to youtubers that are very well known to some just beginning their channel that you should show some love to. 

  1. 1. bestdressed 

    I’ve loved Ashley's channel every since I discovered her on Youtube about a year ago. In the past year, her channel has grown extremely popular, now having over 2.61 million subscribers. Sharing content on everything from thrifting and living in LA (now NY) to life as a recent college grad, film school, sex, boyfriends and personal health, every video she shares is worth your time to watch. I HIGHLY recommend binging all her videos!!!

  2. 2. Andrew Lowe and Chris Klemens 

    My best friend introduced me to Andrew on Youtube probably about three years ago with the infamous "I Live Alone" video that features himself dancing in a onesie for a consecutive 2:08 minutes. Every since then, I've found myself watching his videos along with his friend, Chris Klemmins's videos on Youtube. Sometimes controversial, always funny. 

  3. 3. ANJA

    I found ANJA's Youtube account five or six months ago when searching for people painting Bob Ross paintings on their bedroom walls. I've watched every video and all are worth it. Beyond relatable, very funny and weird, her content is currently covering her life in Germany where she's covering a year of education at a German high school. 

  4. 4. Arden Rose

    I've known about Arden Rose's channel for about three or four years now but only recently started watching her channel again. She covers a lot on how to live a sustainable life in fashion and makeup, mental health advice, closet cleanouts and sex. Ironically too, the occassional video on how to style bangs cause lord knows I sometimes need help with mine. Very informative and amusing videos to watch so please do!

  5. 5. Garrett Watts

    Everyone probably has heard of Garrett by now and if you haven't, you should watch him immediately, especially his cameos on Shane Dawson's channel in the haunted adventures series. 

  6. 6. Glam and Gore 

    Like Garrett, many people have probably seen Glam and Gore's Youtube channel. Looking to watch FX makeup videos, haunted adventures with side commentary or the infamous "I Let Tinder Pick My Makeup" video, please go to Mykie's channel. 

  7. 7. Kennedy, Brandon and Claudia Walsh's Channels 

    I've never related to any Youtube channel until I discovered Kennedy Walsh's channel and then her siblings channels about a year ago. Literally just watch these channels because anyone is going to like them. 

  8. 8. Jubilee

    Onto a more serious channel, Jubilee is a fantastic channel to watch. With series like the Middle Ground and Spectrum, they cover everything from feminism, dating, sexual assault, and wages to political identities and medical politics and many more difficult conversations that need to spoken aloud. 

  9. 9. Cut 

    Cut is a more graphic channel to watch with series like "Keep it 100" where a 100 people are question extremely personal questions and have to answer. It also features series "Fear Pong", "Fess Up" where you're hooked up to lie detectors with your parents, and "Lineup". Very, very, very funny content.

  10. 10. Dolan Twins 

    I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of the Dolan Twins by now. Unlike most people however, I only started watching them a few years back after my best friend mentioned that I have LITERALLY THE EXACT SAME BIRTHDAY AS THEM. Their recent content especially is fantastic and real. Highly recommend watching them.

  11. 11. Wear I Live 

    I found this channel around the same time as bestdressed. Featuring coverage on thrifting, sustainability, veganism, and NYC, I just find this channel extremely relaxing and informative. Highly recommend if you're looking for thrifting and substabible living advice.

  12. 12. Doctor Mike 

    Everyone knows the famous hot Doctor Mike by now but I bet a lot of people didn't know he has a Youtube channel where he discusses anything from serious medical material to critiquing medical apps, games, and advice. Very easy to binge all his videos once you've watched one. 

  13. 13. The Try Guys and The Watcher 

    I'm combining these two because many people probably know these guys from when they did content for Buzzfeed. The Try Guys have been independent for well over a year now and still have superb content and the boys from Buzzfeed Unsolved just started their own Youtube channel, The Watcher. Please go give them some love!!!

  14. 14. Smosh Pit 

    I freaking love Smosh. Please watch Smosh whether that be their "Try Not to Laugh" and "Eat It or Yeet It" series. The "Spelling Bee-Kini Wax" and "True Confessions" are absolutely hilarious and will leave you laughing for a consecutive 30 mins. Also, they still are doing Summer and Winter Games and that is worth your time. 

Looking for any new Youtubers to watch, please visit some of these channels. Also, mention any of your favortite Youtubers down below!!!