Whipped Cream Sex: Is It Worth It?

Plenty of us have our kinks and fantasies, and it’s perfectly normal and healthy. For some people it’s handcuffs and blindfolds, while others prefer some light-hearted role play. A few months back, I tried something new with my boyfriend at the time, and I’ve gotten a surprising amount of questions about it since. So, here it is: the truth about sex with whipped cream!

First of all, I will say that it’s messier than you would think. It leaves your skin sticky, and if it gets in your hair (and I mean hair anywhere on your body) you’re gonna smell like milk until the next time you shower, so if you’re not super comfortable with your partner, it could get pretty awkward. The smell will also soak into fabric, so you’ll most likely have to put a towel down, but on the bright side it most likely won’t stain anything.

A small perk of using whipped cream to spice things up is that it’s way cheaper than buying things such as cuffs, ties, gags, and any other props you might consider using. You do have options in terms of whether you want to get a can and spray it on or a tub and slather it. Really, it’s whatever you and your partner prefer.

My final piece of advice to you -- do NOT put it directly onto your lady parts. I cannot stress this enough, if you throw off that pH balance, you’re asking for a UTI, yeast infection, you name it. Once it gets up in there, the damage is done. Stray away from anything below the waist, and make sure your partner is fully aware of this and knows not to mess with it. If your partner has the same parts that you do, it’s likely that they’ll already know to be more cautious, but men don’t have this issue, so you really gotta get it through their heads if that’s who you’re gonna do the nasty with.

Ultimately, if handled with caution and cleaned up thoroughly, it can be a very enjoyable experience, but if not it can land you in some seriously uncomfortable positions (physically and figuratively). Also be sure that the process is completely consensual, and that you two are able to openly speak about it. I fully encourage anyone to try new things in their sex life, as it’s healthy and necessary for couples to want to try new things intimately. However, if you don’t want to worry about the clean up process and all the precautions, then this isn’t the way to go.