Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Hello, Astrology lovers! So, if you’re into Astrology, then you know it’s Capricorn season! For all of the Capricorns out there reading this, please enjoy your time to shine. For everyone else, your time is coming up. As such, I decided to subjectively decide what character from the hit (former FOX series, now NBC series) Brooklyn Nine-Nine you are based on your Zodiac sign.

Aries: Terry Jeffords


Terry Jeffords is one of my favorites on the show. He has a lot of different parts to his personality, and I switched him around a lot before I settled on Aries. Like other Aries, Terry is extremely courageous and determined, sticking purely to his guns. He is very buff and works out frequently to stay in shape. However, he can also be impatient and short-tempered, being able to jump to his guns quickly and efficiently. 

Taurus: Norm Scully


Norm Scully, commonly known as Scully, is an interesting character. One of the oldest officers, he doesn't do much around the precinct anymore. He is almost always accompanied by his best friend, Michael Hitchcock. Like Tauruses, he is devoted and patient, willing to wait a while for things to be completed. However, he also hates change, is stubborn, and is uncompromising. 

Gemini: Jake Peralta

Geminis, you're Jake Peralta for one simple reason - canonically, so is he! In one of the episodes, he lets it slip that he is a Gemini. He's very much a Gemini in his traits as well - he's extremely outgoing and intelligent as well as very adaptable to different situations. However, he's unreliable, nosy and extremely impulsive. He's the central character of the show, so be happy you've got him! 

Cancer: Charles Boyle


Charles Boyle is a sweet little angel who deserves nothing but love in the world. Boyle is fiercely loyal to Jake Peralta, his best friend, and will do (almost) anything and everything Jake asks. He is also highly emotional and sympathetic, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. That being said, he can also be moody and insecure. 

Leo: Michael Hitchcock


Michael Hitchcock is an interesting character, to say the least. The oldest detective in the precinct - and the most collars in the history of the Nine-Nine - he has a lot to be proud of. Like other Leos, he is passionate and cheerful, even though he may not be the most hardworking. Hitchcock, like other Leos, has a large ego and is very careful of it. Despite having low compatibility, his best friend in the precinct, Scully, is Taurus. 

Virgo: Amy Santiago

Amy Santiago is known for her impeccable standards and area. She has everything neatly organized by the letter and is incredibly intelligent. As a Virgo, she is fiercely loyal and analytical, being sure of every calculation. She is made fun of by her peers for this in the precinct, but they are ultimately grateful for her attention to detail. However, like Virgos, she is all work and no play and is very self-critical. Santiago, really, is just one big ball of hard work and good intentions, and Virgos should be grateful to have her as their star sign. 

Libra: Madeline Wuntch 


Madeline Wuntch, for a lot of people, is the unofficial antagonist of the Nine-Nine. She is in a fierce rivalry with Captain Holt, angry at him for refusing her advances back in the day (he did so because he was, and is, gay). When speaking to the Nine-Nine and other departments, despite her dislike of them, she speaks in a very diplomatic tone, similar to Libras. She can also be very cooperative when the time is right. However, she can definitely hold a grudge (see her hatred of Captain Holt) and occasionally can be indecisive. She remains a humorous character when she appears on screen, causing a great back-and-forth between her and Captain Holt.

Scorpio: Rosa Diaz


Rosa Diaz's personality can only be properly described as fiery. She's quick to fight, and that makes her an excellent detective in a shootout. She is extremely resourceful, like other Scorpios, always seeming to have knives and weapons on her person.  She is exceptionally brave, which makes her an excellent detective, and can also be very stubborn. However, she is certainly secretive, as no one in the precinct knows anything about her, and she would like to keep it that way. She can also very much be violent, which can sometimes be harmful in her career. 

Sagittarius: Gina Linetti


Oh, Gina Linetti, a legend for the ages. Linetti always manages to have the most amazing lines and considers herself to be one the of the most fantastic people on Earth. She is idealistic, like other Sagittarians, and also has an incredible sense of humor. However, she is also very impatient and will say anything even if it will escalate a situation. Linetti is probably the most iconic person on this list, and it's an honor to share a sign with her.

Capricorn: Captain Raymond Holt 

Captain Raymond Holt is the first openly gay and black captain of the Nine-Nine, and he does it with style. He is shown to express very little emotion, but he is a very good captain. Like other Capricorns, he is very responsible and has incredible self-control. However, he can certainly be a know-it-all in fields he knows a lot of and can, on occasion, be condescending. Holt's character is both big in the canon of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but also important in representation of real life. 

Aquarius: Doug Judy


Doug Judy is the only active criminal on the list. He's the famous Pontiac Bandit, a car thief that has only stolen, you guessed it - Pontiac cars. Judy is a friend of Peralta, a friendship that was created after Judy escaped him three or four times. Aquarius is also my sign, and I am very happy to share a star sign with him. Judy can be definitely described as original and independent, two of the core personality traits of Aquariuses. However, Judy certainly runs away from emotional expression - he is a criminal, after all - and can be aloof. 

Pisces: Kevin Cozner


Kevin is Captain Holt's husband, and while he is rarely an occurring character, when he does appear he is very funny and is a source of comfort to Holt. Kevin is incredibly compassionate and artistic, as he is the head of the Classics Department at Colombia University. However, Kevin can also be fearful, and he worries over Holt's job and Holt's safety. Kevin is a very fun character when he appears, and Pisces should be happy to share a sign with him. 

I hope you all enjoyed this funny little list, readers! Are you happy with your choice of character? Is there anyone you would have switched around? Let me know!