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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

It’s that time of year again where everyone is boasting about how much music they’ve streamed, broadcasting their favorite songs, and showcasing their favorite artists. Flipping through my friends’ stories, I’m definitely seeing some patterns and commonalities. 

Here is what your top Spotify Wrapped artist says about you: 

Taylor Swift

You are a chill and confident person who can’t be brought down by any man, but you didn’t start out this way. You put a lot of work into yourself through self reflection and dedication, and you came out stronger because of it. 

The 1975

You are out here to have a good time. You are naturally funny in a way that never dies out, and people genuinely enjoy being around you. You are probably also hot as hell with killer eyeliner, so good for you. 

Megan Thee Stallion

You are comfortable in your body and your sexuality. You are free from the limitations that society puts on people, and would rather put your energy into have a good time than into fitting anyone’s perception of who you should be. It probably took a lot of growth and evaluation to get here, but you are much happier now. 

Phoebe Bridgers

You are depressed or anxious, but you have known this for a while. You are probably seeking treatment or want to better yourself, but the pandemic hasn’t really helped. You mainly listen to her at 3 in the morning when you can’t sleep. Bonus points if Moon Song or Killer is your top song. 


You are highkey into cottagecore. You want to be one with nature and just disappear into the mountains to become a local cryptid. The pandemic hasn’t stopped you from exploring the local scenery and taking in the sublime splendor Mother Nature has to offer. 

Ariana Grande

You are going through a breakup, but you are ready to move on and grow from it. You recognize the good parts of this relationship, but you also see the not so good parts. You will cherish the good, and learn from the not so good. 

Harry Styles

You are gay. You are in college and you have fairy lights on your wall, dreaming about spending a cute movie night under the stars with your significant other or your crush. You prefer fantasy to reality. Fine Line or Adore You is probably the soundtrack of your life. Because honestly, it’s about the longing 

Until Spotify Wrapped 2021! 

Caroline Ernst is a senior at Christopher Newport University studying English with a writing concentration and classical studies and literature as minors. She studied abroad in Rome fall semester of her junior year, where she spent her time exploring the city, Italy, and many other European cities. On campus, she works as her university's Italian tutor in their tutoring center, where she also work as a the Foreign Language Lead Tutor. In addition, she works in the writing center on campus as a writing consultant, helping students with their essays and other writings. She is a proud member of CNU's chapter of Her Campus, where she writes for their writing team and this year will take on the responsibility as Senior Editor.