What I Learned from Drag Ball 2017

I'm just an ignorant straight cis-gendered person who has watched a popular reality TV series (aka. Rupaul's Drag Race). I don't know a lot about drag culture, but there are some important things I learned from Spectrum's and the Student Diversity and Equality Council's (SDEC)Drag Ball 2k17. 

1. Drag queens are funnier than you think.

Having seen Rupaul's Drag Race before, I've always had a few favorites that were the "funny" ones. At the show, every queen had an endearing personality, a funny joke, or something hilarious to add. 

2.  If you're an audience member, you are open game.

If you stand out at all, you can and will be incorporated into the show. The emcee will call you out and make playful jokes with you. They're hysterical, and even if you're caught off guard, you'll be laughing too. Audience members will remember "Juicy Butt Jesus" forever. 

3. Drag Kings are very real and very talented.

If Drag Queens aren't perfect enough, there are Drag Kings as well... Use the equation of Magic Mike multiplied by drag in order to get flawless. 

4. The outfits usually have a plot twist.

If the Queen is covered from head to toe, she might just have an outfit change or reveal mid-show. So keep your eyes peeled! 

5. Cash is king.

Tipping the Drag Queens results in even more mind-blowing dance moves and sass. Also, it's polite. So bring it. 

6. There's something there for everyone. 

Some Drag Queens are fast-paced and energetic, while others provide you with a soulful experience. Every Queen and King has his or her own look.

7. Death drops are even more gravity defying in person.

'Nuff said. 

8.  Once a queen's act is finished, it might not actually be. 

Sometimes, if you're lucky, a queen may have a second performance. More looks, and more perfection. 

9. The drag kings and queens from CNU are every bit as beautiful and talented as the pros.

10.  The drag queens and kings are every bit as perfect on stage as they are off.  

They are even more beautiful and handsome up close. You can see the details of their hair and makeup and see how everything is in its place.