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Ever wondered which Victorious characters would be which signs? Well boy do I have the article for you. 

Tori Vega


Tori’s eager and competitive personality definitely has some Aries energy to it complemented by her confident and inspired nature to make her a true Aries!

Trina Vega


Two words: SHE CAGO. Trina’s dramatic but fun spirit made her the ultimate Leo; her passion and craziness is infectious.

Andre Harris


Andre is without a doubt one of the best characters on the show — strong, dependable, creative, and hard working? Yes. Andre is a fantastic representation of the best qualities of Tauruses.

Jade West


Let’s face it. Jade was the original e-girl. If you didn’t hate her, you loved her — very characteristic of the Scorpio spirit. Jade is also extremely resourceful and brave — a true Scorpio.

Beck Oliver


If you didn’t have a crush on him growing up you were either wrong or blind. Besides his dreamy face, Beck was an Aquarius through and through — deep, imaginative, and original. 

Cat Valentine


Cat is expressive and curious, two very common traits found in Geminis. Her sense of humor adds a depth to her Gemini energy to make her a well-rounded and dynamic character!

Robbie Shapiro


Where to start with Robbie? He’s intuitive, protective, reserved, and a literal puppet master. Robbie’s connection with his emotional side means he’s definitely a Cancer!

In conclusion, Victorious is iconic, and so is astrology. 

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