Understanding an ESTJ

What is an ESTJ (Extrovert, Sensory, Thinker, Judging)?

They’re “The Executives”, and they love it. They’re the pioneers of tradition and values, and they love to bring people together for events or for the sake of something they believe in. They believe that if you truly care about something, you’ll stick up for it full-heartedly. They value dignity, honesty, and dedication.

ESTJs are hardworking, but they don’t expect anyone to do anything without showing it themselves. They lead by example and expect that example to be followed by their peers and subordinates. They detest weakness and laziness, especially in the work place. They also stick to their morals regardless of the resistance they face. They’re strong and definitely the most leader-oriented of the types.

ESTJ Compatibility:

  • ISTPs (Introvert, Sensing, Thinker, Perceiving) “The Virtuoso”
  • ISFPs (Introvert, Sensing, Feeler, Perceiving) “The Adventurer"

ESTJ Career Paths:

ESTJ’s are most commonly found as a…

  • Sales Engineer, Stockbroker, Real Estate Agent, Hotel Manager, Budget Analyst, Financial Counselor, Office Administrator, Military Officer, Police Officer, Airline Pilot, Vocational Teacher, Farmer, Chef, Attorney, Paralegal, Judge, Auditor, Principal, Restaurant Owner, Pharmacist, Dentist, Athletic Trainer, Engineer, Funeral Director, etc.

ESTJs You May Know:

Historical Figures: John D. Rockefeller, James Monroe, Lyndon B. Johnson, Margaret Thatcher, Saddam Hussein.

Famous ISTJs: Judge Judy, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Michelle Geller, Hillary Clinton, Martha Stewart, Michelle Obama, Megyn Kelly, Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Emma Watson, Courtney Cox, Alec Baldwin, Dr. Phil, Ivanka Trump.

Fictional ISTJs: Boromir, Dwight Schrute, Robb Stark, Princess Leia, Dean Winchester, Peter Pevensie, Bryan Mills, Dolores Umbridge, Othello.