Ukulele Tips for Beginners

Hi everyone! I love playing my ukulele and am self-taught! Today I thought I would share some of my tips for learning how to play the ukulele to help you  practice and get the hang of it!

  1. 1. Chordify

    Chordify is a free app that allows you to play along with your favorite songs in time with the chords on the screen. I use this app all the time! For a beginner, it might be more challenging to keep up with, but it also helped me learn chords and transition between chords. Whenever I have a jam sesh, I use this app!

  2. 2. Chords

    This is probably the most important part of learning how to play. Once you learn how to play chords, you can pretty much play anything. You could look up a chord chart and practice each one individually. Another approach to this is if you have a favorite song you want to learn to play, you could break it down and learn each chord in the song. Some chords are more challenging than others, but keep trying!

  3. 3. Books

    There are tons of books for beginners that have lots of information about chords and strumming and songs to practice with. The book I have is “Ukulele from Scratch.” Books break it down and can guide your practice.

  4. 4. Practice! Practice! Practice!

    This is a given, but the only way to truly learn is with practice. Don’t give up because playing the ukulele is awesome! Hopefully these tools I discussed in tips 1-3 will be helpful to your practice!

Thanks for reading and happy strumming!