The Truth About Nose Piercings

I get a lot of questions about my nose piercings. To clarify, I have my nostril done, and my septum. Here's what the septum looks like:

It's cute as hell. But ever since getting these metal rods pierced through my skin, I've gotten a lot of the same kinds of questions from people. Now, I'm here to answer the so-commonly-thought, but often times embarassing, questions that people ask (or wish they could ask me).

Did you bleed?

Yes. Both of them bled slightly. It wasn't bad though. The piercer has cleaning tools to make sure everything is sanitary. I honestly didn't even realize it was bleeding. But, obviously, when you pierce your skin, it's going to bleed a bit.

Was it painful?

Yes and no. I'm a baby, so I cry often and long. It doesn't take much pain (physically or mentally) to push me off the edge. I cried for the nostril because I focused on it so much... and it hurt like hell. But the septum? I was too focused on emotional pain from other things going on in my life to even notice it. It was almost painless, truly.

Does snot/boogers get stuck in the piercing?

Lol, this is my favorite question. Surprisingly, no! It doesn't. Granted, my septum moves around quite a bit when I blow my nose, but my snot levels have not increased, and my nose is just as clean as it was before. I worried about this a lot, too, before I actually got pierced.

How do you get jobs?

I apply. And then interview. And then get accepted like anyone else.

Okay, let me stop being sassy for once in my life. Piercings do make finding jobs a bit more difficult, that is true. BUT, there are plenty of ways to hide them. My nostril piercing can easily be concealed with a place holder, a clear stud, or even a mole shaped labrette. Septums can be flipped inside of your nose, and no one will ever be able to tell its there. Now, other facial piercings are a bit harder to hide, but we all have our ways. Mine have worked so far. And honestly, I don't really want a job where my worth is judged by something as small as a stud in my nostril.

Does it leak when you're under water?

This is actually a question I asked my aunt prior to getting my nose pierced for my 18th birthday. And I've tested it, it doesn't leak. Go figure.

Do you clean it everyday?


You do not need to clean your piercing everday. When you first get your piercing, you need to just leave it the fuck alone, let the shower water hit it when you bathe, and repeat. Do not take it out everyday. Do not use various lotions and other items on your face. Leave. It. Alone.

Were your parents mad?

They're just glad I didn't get my nipples pierced. Not to say there's anything wrong with nipple piercings, but they probably would've had a heart attack.

Do you regret it?

Not at all. I think they're cute as can be! And it's been really well received by my friends and family. I love my piercings. And I encourage anyone who is interested to do their research and go for it!

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Also, if you're thinking about a nose piercing specifically, remember to NOT USE A GUN PIERCER. Use a needle. And DO NOT use the kiosks in the mall. Go to a nice tattoo parlor or piercing shop that isn't Lucky 13. Take care of your nose, because its a valuable piece of machinary that deserves care.