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Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How the heck do you only pick 5 episodes of one of the greatest shows ever made? Trust me, I missed some big ones, but here are my personal top 5 episodes of “The Office.”


This episode came quite early all the way back in season one. It showcases Michael’s lack of awareness of any social ettiquette, the tension beginning to build with Jim and Pam and some of the ensemble characters that only had one liners until this classic. Basketball is an early but excellent episode of The Office in a season which almost cancelled the show before it took off. 

Fun Run 

This season 4 opener begins with Michael hitting Meredith with his car and then trying to make up for his accident by creating a fun run for rabies. Also, it is the first episode with Jim and Pam as an official couple (can you tell how much I love the Jim and Pam plotline?) Overall, it is a hilarious episode. 

Stress Relief Part 1 

The first 5 minutes of this episode might be the funniest of the whole series. As Dwight becomes annoyed with everyone’s lack of awareness over his safety presentation, he takes things into his own hands and essentially gives Stanley a heart attack with a fire drill. Nothing more to be said here. 


“There has been a murder” famously utters Michael Scott as he tries to distract his employees from an impending closing of the branch. The whole office actually becomes invested in the game. Fair warning, Knives Out can never be watched the same after watching this episode.

Threat Level Midnight

Michael’s lifelong project to create his very own movie comes to fruition in this episode. The whole gang makes an appearance in this awful/hilarious short film. We also see the progression of Holly and Michael’s relationship to the adorkable husband and wife they become. 

“The Office” is a great series that cannot be reduced to only 5. However, if you are short on time, check these out!

Annie Silva is a Junior at Christopher Newport University. She is majoring in politics and on the pre-law track. In her free time, she enjoys hanging with friends, reading and cuddling her cat.