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Three Ways to Get Out of the Mid-Semester Slump

It’s just after Fall Break here which means people are starting to hit their mid-semester slump. For me, it just after Fall Break and now I’m really wishing I was back on it. School is annoying and I have no motivation. So, in an effort to get my productive juices flowing, I decided to write a down a few tips to get you out.

Do Some Exercise 

Okay, okay, I know this advice seems dumb but bare with me. Endorphins are released when you work out or get your body moving which makes you happier. In a happier mood, your productivity will be higher and hopefully, so will your motivation to do any and all work that is required of you.

Hang Out with A Friend 

This is another simple tip but one that works. Text a friend and go meet them at Einsteins (or your local coffee shop!) or go to Target and just complain about school and have fun with them. It’s these little trips that have provided some of my most fun memories in college and they’ve all helped me get motivated to do stuff. 

Take a Small Break While Working

Lastly, take a break. If school is stressing you out and you just can’t get the motivation to work, take a little break. Watch a show, call your mom, whatever works as a distraction. Then, pick up your pencil or your laptop and get working. Those little breaks are great ways to break up big projects – or small ones! – to trick your brain into being motivated.

I hope these tips will help you out! The mid-semester slump is hard but we can get through it, I promise. What tips do you have of getting out of mid-semester slumps? Leave a comment down below!

Hello, my name is Isabella and I am a 22-year-old senior. I'm a psychology major and women & gender studies and writing minor. I have an intense love for cats, social justice, feminism, and fandom life [name a fandom, I'm probably in it]. I'm a huge book nerd as well as a huge just, regular, nerd. You can find me sitting in my bed typing an article, procrastinating homework, or watching YouTube.
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