Three Fall Scented Candles You Should Get

Candles are the biggest part of fall and interior decoration. Your decoration can definitely match the seasons and the fall season has some great scented candles. Pumpkin, apple, and maple all our great fall scents.

  1. 1. Spiced Apple Toddy from Bath & Body Works

    This candle claims to spell liked spiced apple and is a perfect candle to put into your home!  Click here to buy it!

  2. 2. Vanilla Pumpkin Candle from Target

    lit candles at home

    This candle claims to smell like vanilla and pumpkin, which is a perfect blend of scents to remind you of fall. You can buy it here!

  3. 3. Apple & Maple Bourbon Scented Candle from Etsy

    This candle claims to be scented like Apple & Maple Bourbon which is a great fall scent with scents of apple and woodsy scents. You can get it here!

I hope you all enjoy these candle recommendations.