Ten Things that are So True When You Have a SO at a Different School

I’m a girl in a happy relationship with a boy who happens to be at a different university - one which is about 70 miles away. After being in this position for a while now, I’ve noticed ten things that are universally relatable for anyone else who has a boo at a different U.

1. Time becomes distorted as you go on without seeing them. A week or two ends up feeling like a century. You know logically that time isn’t passing any slower, but it sure feels like it is.

2. Your friends wonder why you can’t just date someone at your own college, and they probably hate hearing about your relationship distance problems.

3. Calling it a long-distance relationship seems super dramatic, but it’s true. When I picture a long-distance relationship, the plot of Dear John comes to mind. While reality isn’t that dramatic, if your SO goes to a university that geographically prevents you from seeing them on the daily, you’re long-distance.

4. Sometimes you don’t get to talk much, but that’s usually rectified by a much-needed phone call. You’re busy; they’re busy. You two understandably are living separate lives. But soon enough you’ll be having that cathartic phone call during which you both catch up on each other’s lives. Plus, is there anything better than hearing your SO’s voice?

5. You probably have a pretty long Snapchat streak. This obviously isn’t exclusive to long-distance relationships, but from my personal experience, my SO is my second-longest streak (after my twin sister, who is essentially my other half so does she even really count?). Snapchatting throughout the day if you can lets you feel connected through seeing their face and moments of their day.

6. Everyone wonders why neither of you has transferred yet. They say that’s a simple solution. My answer? Different schools for different studies; that’s why we picked them in the first place!

7. You make the most of the time you have together, always. Memories on memories on memories. Even if those memories just consist of the two of you chillin’ in bed on a rainy day, you cherish them when you’re apart. Also, the daydreaming is real.

8. At least half of your weekends consist of finally seeing your SO, and your reunion is the best feeling ever.

9. The amount of “I miss you” texts exchanged between the two of you on the daily is limitless, but they never get tiring - sending nor receiving them.

10. You put effort into your relationship and fight for it, despite any obstacles, and it’s so worth it.