Take a Brain Break!

In this crazy world of online finals, it hasn’t been easy preparing for them, so you might be a little behind and feel somewhat unprepared. It’s important to keep in mind that breaks can be as beneficial to you as writing the material down, if you use them effectively. 


Sometimes it’s hard to stop yourself when you’re on a roll, but here are the three ways I make sure I’m getting the breaks I need in order to perform better on my finals!

  1. 1. Set a Timer

    This is always easier when you know what you have to do, so take some time to plan out and strategize the way that you’re going to study! Make a list, and then break it up into chunks, and estimate how long it’ll take you to complete that task. Set a timer, and if you don’t finish, take a couple minutes to reevaluate and figure out if you can push the break another ten minutes, or if you might be more successful after a quick trip to refresh your water and stretch your legs!

  2. 2. Have a Reward

    It doesn’t always have to be a big reward! For me, sometimes it’s pouring myself a cup of Arnold Palmer, or sitting outside for a couple minutes and just scrolling on my phone. It’s nice to have something to look forward to in order to motivate yourself!

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  3. 3. Remind Yourself Why You're Doing This

    Especially in this day and age, it’s really hard to not get caught up in the fact that we’re experiencing a global pandemic and daily tasks and routines seem menial and pointless. But try to remember you’re taking a class to get a degree to have a happy and successful life down the road! Yes, it’s incredibly frustrating that so many demands are made of us in a crisis, but this is the last big hurdle, push yourself across it and your future self will thank you! Jotting down a couple things you’re grateful for in between study sessions can help you to stay calm, motivated, and optimistic so that the material sticks better in your brain, and you are able to stay concentrated! 


Overall, breaks can help your focus. It’s important to work smarter, not harder, so taking breaks can be a great help, even if they may at first seem detrimental. If you’re still cramming for that final tomorrow, maybe the break you took to read this article will reset your mindspace and keep you calm and collected in order to ace it!