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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity of Christopher Newport University hosts their annual “S.T.R.O.L.L” event in front of the whole student body for an impressive tenth year record. The event is a part of the Upsilon Beta Chapter’s effort to promote awareness for voting rights for midterm elections and a future of civic engagement. All proceeds from the performance tickets go to the “March of Dimes”, which is a charity helping prevent maternal and natal health complications.

The term Stroll itself even means something:

  • SStrategic Partnership: a dedication to be nonpartisan in their education efforts
  • TTraditional Awareness: “strolling” is a sacred dance form not to be done outside these environments
  • RRegister to vote: make sure to know your local provision’s rules to register
  • OOrganizational impact: the chapter’s importance of philanthropy for “March of Dimes” organization
  • LLegislation: voting influences the outcome of legislation
  • LLifelong Commitment: voting is a life-long dedication for the future of your country
group in red and black
Original photo by Brooke Martin

Stroll consists of teams performing a self-choregraphed dance for judges and a spirited crowd to determine the winner of the most crowd votes (promoting voting!), social media promotion, and money raised for charity. This year’s theme was deemed as “Undisputed Love”, so imagine heartbreak avenue, toxic relationships, and unrequited crushes. Love is war, and the competition got hot this year as 8 student organizations clashed for the title of dancing queen.

Here are some memorable acts that caught my attention from the very back row:

Phi Xi Zetas

Starting off the night was a powerful duo from the local chapter of Phi Xi Zetas. Sporting a beautiful bright blue, these two claimed the spotlight as theirs in this exhibition routine. They brought the hype and incited the crowd for the competition.

Kpop Choregography Club (KPC)

A unique type of movement is represented by the Kpop Choreography Club. Bringing renowned, professional level choreo to CNU, this group adds a special spice to the lineup. They really embodied the idea “love and war” in their intricate hot red and black costumes while taking turns seizing the moment in sassy solo parts.

3 dancers on stage
Original photo by Brooke Martin

Phi Mu

These queens killed their choreography with precision and clean technique. Phi Mu pulled up with an entire cheering squad holding posters to show support. The crowd raged as these girls hit their formations with energy and intense facials.

Latin Student Association (LSA)

Latin Student Association is always a crowd favorite year after year. This year, in crimson fringe dresses, the girls shimmied with the boys of the club to whip out some crazy lifts and partner-work. They created a fabulous blend of traditional Latin dance with dashes of strolling steps to make the crowd go wild. The song choices were top tier, as well.

dancers in red
Original photo by Brooke Martin

Alpha Phi Alpha

The fraternity hosting the event even showcased a dance and showed the crowd and competition how strolling is done right. Three Alpha brothers had the entire theater on their feet singing along to the popular tunes as the dominated the dance floor, bringing along the entire chapter to participate with them. Bonus brownie points were awarded for their creative acting skills in their Bachelorette inspired skit.

Gamma Phi Beta

Gamma Phi Beta became the coveted winners of the night, ranking #1 among 8 other stellar student organizations. Wearing sparkly tops in groups of black vs. white, promoting love as a merger for unity, this femme fatale group wowed the judged with their choreography, execution, and message.

Alpha Phi

Last year’s reigning champs showed up once again to compete for the crown. Charging in camouflaged pants and black caps, they came stomping on the stage as a power force. The judges applauded them for the best incorporation of strolling dance style.

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