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It is that time of year everyone: the time of love, laughter, family time. I am talking about the holiday season. To start this holiday season I thought I would give some stocking stuffer ideas. So without further ado…

Hand sanitizer and small lotions

food, shopping, etc


5 & below normally has movie theater box candy

Nail Polish
Face Masks

 I feel like that is acceptable this year

Anna Schultz-Socks And Laptop In Bed
Anna Schultz / Her Campus

Whether that be fluffy socks, dress socks, cute socks, or just plain white socks. 

Small Candles

Christmas cookies is one of my favorites scents 

A deck of Cards

maybe it’s time to learn a new card game or learn a classic like Solitare

Coffee Tumblr or Water Bottle
Hair ties or scrunchies
Ways To Wear Scrunchies R1
Adebusola Abujade / Her Campus Media

Alrighty, so those are some stocking stuffer ideas for this holiday season. Happy Holidays, until next time. 

Hi everyone my name is Nicole and I am a senior at CNU. I am majoring in psychology and am currently applying to graduate school to become a licensed counselor. I currently enjoy watching American Horror Story with my roommates and reading.
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