Spring Break: Ballin' on a Budget Edition

Spring Break is a great way to wind down and de-stress after midterms. Unfortunately, most of us are broke college students. There’s nothing more I would want to do right now than drive or fly somewhere exciting and spend the week adventuring. Too bad my bank account says "No ma’am" to that idea, so I’ve been compiling different ways to occupy my time for the next week and a half that cost little to no money. Spring Break can still be fun, even when you’re ballin’ on a budget. The point is to relax before it’s time to tackle the rest of Spring semester!

Find a new favorite place

One thing I love to do is go somewhere I’ve never been before. Whether it be a coffee shop, a bookstore, or maybe a thrift store. It’s so exciting to experience a place for the first time and to find a new favorite place to waste time at. The best places are the ones you go into saying, “I’ve never even heard of this place,” or, “I didn’t know this was here!” Coffee shops and bookstores are an easy way to kill time and relax. At some point on this break I wanna find a new place to kick back and drink coffee (a maximum of $5 spent) and read (a book brought from home). I would also love to check out the thrift stores around me I haven’t had a chance to search through yet.

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Burn through my Netflix queue

I have a billion things on my “to watch” list, but I never let myself watch Netflix during the school week because it makes me feel super unproductive. Also, I am the type of person who can’t just watch one episode; I end up wasting four hours and either A) getting no work done, B) getting no sleep, or C) both! So I’m definitely planning to binge at least one show, or maybe I’ll finally finish The Office (I know, I know. Don’t kill me.) 

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Go Outside

Sadly, the weather forecast for the majority of break is looking pretty drab and chilly. So the beach probably will not be the move. We can still go outside and enjoy nature, though! Go to the park! Walk around the neighborhood! Gather up some food and a blanket and have a picnic if it’s sunny enough! Enjoy the fresh air and the feeling of being responsibility free (okay, maybe not responsibility free, but schoolwork free at least!). I fully plan on forcing my best friend to go on a bike ride with me and seeking out some pretty scenery.

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There is a massive pile of books next to my bed that I’ve started over the past few months, but haven’t gotten a chance to finish. It sucks because I LOVE reading for fun (but it takes me seven hours to read two pages of a book for class lol), but i can never seem to find the time these days. My goal is to complete at least two books over break, but I’m hoping for more than that! If you need any ideas of books to read, check out my recommendations.

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Go to the Movies

The movie theater is definitely one of my favorite places to go, and seeing a movie doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Most theaters have value days where tickets are half off (value day is Tuesday for just about every Regal theater I’ve ever been to), and a lot of them offer student discounts on normal days. There are a lot of recent releases that look amazing, and first on my list is definitely Black Panther!

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You don’t have to drop a lot of money to have a good Spring Break. Overall, it is about relaxation and getting away from school for a little bit. I’m really excited to do all of the things I listed above and get some me-time as well as spend some time with my loved ones. Have a happy Spring Break everyone!