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Weekly Spooky Activities to Fill Your October Calendar

Spooky season is upon us, and this year, I refuse to float through October without making some solid Halloween memories. To celebrate the season, my roommates and I filled a calendar (which is currently hanging on our fridge) with some of our favorite fall activities. Without a doubt, the next four weeks are going to be filled with an insane amount of festivity, so if you’ve been looking to feel something this Halloween, here are a few ideas to get the good vibes flowing. 

WEEK OnE: DEcorating & Dance Parties

The first week of October is arguably the most important because it sets the stage for the whole month, so overdoing it is essential. A great way to start on the right foot is by going absolutely berserk with the decorations. 

Take a trip to your local Target or dollar store and make a night of dressing your house/apartment/dorm up. Really get into it; maybe open the windows to let in some crisp fall air while decorating. 

Another activity that pairs perfectly with this is a dance party. Some of my favorite Halloween-themed playlists are this classic one and this Disney throwback one. Anything Harry Styles is also acceptable during all seasons.

Week Two: Halloween Baking Night

I can’t explain why, but baking desserts while the leaves are falling outside awakens the Halloween gremlin in me. A baking night gives you and your friends the chance to try out new recipes and spur some healthy competition, if that’s your thing. 

If you’d rather not make it a competition, here are a few good recipes that you can all make together. After you’re done, indulge and play a fun group game (my current favorite is Red Flags­– hilarious and extremely entertaining).  

Week Three: Pumpkin Picking & Carving
Pumpkin patch with fall trees in the background
Original photo by Caeleigh MacInnis

This may be mainstream, but there’s a reason for it! Not only is pumpkin picking super nostalgic, but it’s also a good excuse to plan a weekend trip to a different town. Take a few minutes to virtually explore the place you’ll be driving to, noting any coffee houses, Halloween stores, or tarot shops you may want to check out. This is the time to fully embrace the latte foam art and tiny pumpkins aesthetic.

After picking, spend the night carving pumpkins and toasting the pumpkin seeds in the oven (here’s an easy recipe)!

Week Four: Scary Movies

Personally, I get way too freaked out by scary movies, but if you’re anything like my roommates, then movies like the Nun and Scream are on the must-watch list for this month. Choose a night to buy a ginormous bag of candy, make a blanket fort in your living room, and binge watch a ton of horror movies. Or, if you’re like me, watch tame movies like Coroline and Halloweentown and have fun feeling like a kid again.

Sierra is a junior at Christopher Newport University. She is majoring in psychology with intent to receive her masters in teaching. In her free time, she loves thrift shopping, going on Target runs, and caring for all of her plants.
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