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So, apparently, movie reviews are going to become a thing for me now. I have seen another fantastic movie that has inspired me to write. This time, the movie is titled Love, Simon. If you haven’t seen the trailers or any of the posters, it’s a story about a closeted gay kid in high school. I’ll let you know right now, the film was super touching. It was heartwarming and it made me feel really, really good after I watched it. But without further ado, let me get into the specifics.

First, the characters. A common theme in high-school themed movies is that the characters are not particularly relatable or like people in high school. (Grease, for example). But in Love, Simon,  all the characters I could easily see in my high school class. Everyone acted like a typical high schooler and also, possibly more important, looked like they could be in high school.

On that note of characters, the main character’s only attribute isn’t that he’s gay. While it is a pretty big theme throughout the movie, it is not the only theme. Simon’s personality is shown to have other sides and he discusses more things in the movie than just, “Yeah, I’m the gay character.” This is really important for a movie like this, as there are normally not any big LGBTQ+ characters in movies and when there are, their only attribute is that they’re gay. 

The story is also really interesting and compelling. Without giving too much away, the way Simon meets the other gay kid at his school (Blue) is so heartwarming and sweet. Simon is put in a precarious situation, and I believe that he does the best that he can do considering the circumstances. The story takes many twists and turns, leaving you on the edge of your seat to try to find out who “Blue” is.

The family is also super interesting and supportive, featuring starlets Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel as Simon’s parents. They are highly relatable and again, actually seem like real parents. Simon’s sister, Nora, is adorable, and I instantly want to become her best friend so we can chill together. His parents are also pretty cool, and I wouldn’t mind chilling with them either.

All in all, Love, Simon, was a really heartwarming film that means a lot to the LGBTQ+ community. It’s the first LGBTQ+ film made by a large film company – Fox – and it’s important for it to do well so more films can be made like this in future.

Also, for those of you have read the book and are wondering if I have read it – no, unfortunately, I haven’t. However, I did buy it within minutes of seeing the actual movie, and it has just shipped to me. If a movie makes me purchase a book immediately, then that should tell you all that you need to know. 

But that’s all folks! I really do hope you go and see it, and when you do, leave a comment down below expressing your thoughts (or, if you’ve already seen it, let me know!).

Hello, my name is Isabella and I am a 22-year-old senior. I'm a psychology major and women & gender studies and writing minor. I have an intense love for cats, social justice, feminism, and fandom life [name a fandom, I'm probably in it]. I'm a huge book nerd as well as a huge just, regular, nerd. You can find me sitting in my bed typing an article, procrastinating homework, or watching YouTube.
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