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A Short Playlist for Female Empowerment

This is a girl power playlist for women who like to go ham at the gym, in the library, or for women who just want to feel empowered throughout the day! All of these songs focus on the strength and independence of women, their beauty and their capability. These lyrics have some explicit or sexual content, so just a head’s up! 

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1. Problem- Natalia Kills

This song is an anthem to the bad girl in us all who wants to cut loose and be herself. She doesn’t care about what other people have to say about her and is open about her sexuality. 

2. Woman- Kesha

“Boys can’t buy my love.” This song is a testament to the financial independence and the rise and grind attitude of women. Things can’t buy the attentions of women because women can buy everything they want. 

3. Reflection- Fifth Harmony

A fake out to the guy who thinks a woman is checking him out. She’s checking herself out because she is hot stuff. She can get “anything [she] want[s].”

4. Run the World- Beyonce

A classic. Girls run everything.

5.  Sorry Not Sorry- Demi Lovato

Unapologetically a ten. Sorry not sorry to the haters. 

6. New Rules- Dua Lipa

A woman disciplining herself with her own interests in mind. Women have willpower! 

7. That’s My Girl- Fifth Harmony

Supporting other powerful women. If this song was good enough for the American female gymnastics team, its good enough for you.

8. Do My Thang- Miley Cyrus

She’ll do what she wants. When she wants. 

9. Trini Dem Girls- Nicki Minaj

All girls are beautiful regardless of their race or country of origin. “South African, European, Asian, Australian, and my Canadian girls,” a thorough example of girls around the world who are hot stuff. 

10. Stronger-Kelly Clarkson

A woman can stand alone and be strong and independent on her own. What she goes through defines her, it makes her better and more resilient than before. 

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