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Scantron Cheating Tricks Debunked

As finals are coming up, students are getting desperate to save their grades, and we know this can sometimes lead to poor decisions. Before you go searching around for ways to ace your test, let me go through some of the myths that are supposed to help you pass the scantron test without studying.


Smear chapstick on your Scantron

Tests have shown this is ridiculously ineffective and can sometimes make your right answers come off as wrong. Also, your professor would be flipping through tests and feel your grease-covered scantron and know what you did. So, all around, just don’t. No one wants greasy fingers.

Lightly bubble in the answers

You could figure out the perfect ratio of drawing the mark light enough to confuse the machine and dark enough to not make it suspicious. Or… get this… you could spend that time studying your notes or the study guide. I know what you’re thinking: wild idea, right?

Draw lines connecting your answers

This just isn’t going to work. Were all in college here. We’re all intelligent beings. I don’t even have to explain how this method is way too obvious and will 100% get you caught because if we all got into college then we all know this isn’t the way to go.

Just guessing your answers

Ok, if for some reason you haven’t opened the textbook for the whole semester, somehow never attended the class, and need to figure out how to pass the final, this maybe MAYBE could do the trick. The only reason I’m humoring this option is because it isn’t cheating. It’s just a bad idea. You could look through the answer choices and mark out the ones that probably aren’t it and go with your best guess. Although, most of us know that method isn’t a good bet here at CNU.

These were just a few I could find online without making my NSA agent suspicious (no one is going to believe I googled “ways to cheat on a test” right before finals week with good intentions). Overall, these and any other myths you can find on cheating on your tests are just ridiculous. I know most of us here at CNU uphold the Honor Code, but if you did click this article to get some ideas on how to cheat, then shame on you! I hope I convinced you otherwise. If you spend time studying, taking care of your body and focusing on the course material, then you will do just fine. There are so many resources here at CNU that can help prepare you, so don’t chance getting in trouble.

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