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“The Rooms Less Traveled”: 4 of the Coolest Places to Study On Campus

When I first came to Christopher Newport, I was required (like everyone else), to attend Welcome Week Festivities. On one of those many days, my group was taken to two of these places and throughout my first year here, I frequented them often. Not only are they beautiful and provide the perfect backdrop to my Instagram photos, but they also are the best for when I’ve got to “crack down” on my studies. (Just wait until it rains and it’s cold and you’re all curled up in the Luter Turret…okay I’ll stop). From studying for your theory class, to recreational reading, these four “less-traveled” places around the CNU campus are sure to get the creative juices flowing, while providing the atmosphere our Uni is known for. Also, I have taken the liberty of giving these places their own deserving nicknames but don’t worry their locations will be provided (and the photos all belong to yours truly)!

1. The Ferg-Garden

Location: This magical garden is located in a courtyard that branches off the main hallway in the Ferguson Center classroom area. 

Perks: This garden offers bright, natural light as well as lots of plants and a bubbling fountain that I love to use as white noise while studying. As the weather cools down it can even transport you back in time (I get major Kings Landing vibes). I had to take this photo through the door because it was locked (shout out to Dr. Irving who tried to help me unlock it).

Pitfalls: If you have any allergies to either flora or fauna, just be cautious upon entering! 

2. The Luter Turret (aka the Luter Atrium)

Location: This is the octagonal structure that tops off Luter Hall, that many of us pass every day while walking along the Great Lawn. Use of the elevator (or the stairs if you want to get in your cardio of the day) can get you to this lavish and comfy room on the third floor.

Perks: When I toured, my Crew Captain described this room as the “perfect place to study for finals…the carpet alone is very calming”. This room provides comfy couches along with a little alcove that I take up residence in every chance I get. The room provides a lot of natural light in the day, while also creating a warm, study-provoking glow on those dreary days (cue my rambling in the introduction)! This room can make even the most boring reading enjoyable.

3. The Trees at Ratcliffe Hall

Location: These trees (and many others like them) are located in the courtyards that border Ratcliffe, James River, and Santoro Hall. Take a stroll around the area and you’ll happen upon many other easily accessible tree seats!

Perks: Contrary to it’s Poe-ish names, the courtyards surrounding the residence halls on the North-Eastern side of the Great Lawn are the perfect place to relax. While these trees are more noticeable and out-in-the open, they also provide the perfect place for your inner hippie/nature enthusiast to enjoy the coming Fall days. These trees branches are not only numerous (so bring your friends for the perfect photo-op), but they are also easy to access for all of us less “athletically inclined” people! Forget that socio-spatial dialect and climb on up! If you don’t feel like climbing, there are benches that are often sitting around the trunk of the tree that are perfect for getting that English paper written.

4. President’s Watch

Location: This room is the atrium located right outside President Trible’s office. If you’re awaiting an audience with him, this is definitely the room to help calm your nerves in. 

Perks: After my orientation session, I actually found this room by mistake. However, when I walked in, I was dumbfounded at the artwork and the light it offered. At that same time, our wonderful President Trible was exiting his office and I got to have a great conversation with him (how many other university students can say that)? While this might not be a “go-to” place to study, I did find while sitting there and while speaking with President Trible that the room did give me some major inspiration!

Do you know of any cool, less-traveled rooms or places on the CNU campus? If so, share it with us in the comments (also is there anywhere cool in Forbes? That place is like a maze and I’m much too scared to go exploring)!

"There is no nobler way to spend ones time than making others glad." Little Women, Louisa May Allcott
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