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Queer Eye Is Taking the World By Storm & Here’s Why

Netflix has been killing it with the OG shows, honestly. They’ve been rolling out award-winning show after award-winning show, and their most recent revival took the entire streaming world by storm.

Previously, Queer Eye featured household names like Ted Allen and Carson Kressley under the title Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, where five gay men provided full lifestyle makeovers for straight men in NYC. However, the show ended, and Netflix recently decided to pick it back up. With this reboot, there’s an awesome twist.

They makeover straight men from the Atlanta suburbs and surrounding rural areas.

The five men, Antoni, Karamo, Jonathan, Tan, and Bobby, make up the Fab Five, driving around Georgia in a GMC truck, changing the lives of one unsuspecting straight man at a time. Well, one gay man as well, giving him the tools he needed to come out to his stepmother. Check out some of the reasons this show is changing the way we think about community.

1. The cast cares about the people they’re making over.

This isn’t just a “let’s give you new clothes and a new hair do” type of show (@What Not to Wear). The Fab Five take the time to specifically work with the men being made over, providing them with self-confidence tips, talking with their coworkers and family members, and doing various activities, like obstacle courses and dancing lessons to help build them up.

2. They’re adorable and spread love wherever they go.

This is so easy to see. The Fab Five are completely unafraid to hug it out, even when the guys they’re making over don’t really want to receive it. Three of the cast are from the South, so the basic principles of sending and giving love are known right from the get go.

3. The humor is so fun — but also not degrading or rude.

Sure, there are jabs, but they’re not the kind that make you feel down. Jonathan is the liveliest of the bunch, with some awesome one-liners and an unabashed freedom that you end up envying.

4. They change perspectives.

The coolest thing about the reboot of Queer Eye is the approach to social issues. I mean, these are 5 gay men making over straight, conservative (mostly) white men from the South. Everything from relationships to race relations to gender equality is covered in this show, and it adds to the charm. The cast make sure to talk with the men being made over rather than at them, including them in important conversations that not many others had before.

5. They make you cry, but in a good way.

I’m not a crier. Vulnerability is a weakness in my mind, and I hate crying. But this show? It makes me cry. Every episode. The actions of the cast are so moving and genuine that you can’t help but get tears in your eyes.

Do you watch Queer Eye? What’s been your favorite part so far? Let us know in the comments!

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