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The Presidential “Debate”

So, that Presidential Debate was certainly…something. It was more akin to watching a Waffle House fight happen between employees at 3 am or two children fighting over a toy. 

I do not make it a habit to watch the presidential debate – mostly because they are boring and I don’t really find interest in politics. A large reason for my not watching of debates is because before 2016, I was below the age of eighteen so I really didn’t think about it. However, as for a lot of people I feel, the 2016 election changed that. Maybe it was because I missed the eligible voting age by a couple of months. Maybe it was because that election was a terrible choice for candidates. 

Donald trump at a rally
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Anyway, enough about me. Onto why you clicked on this article – discussion about the debate. 

The debate was a shitshow. There’s not really a better way to phrase this and several commentators agreed on this fact. It was, in all honestly, a joke of a debate. I couldn’t hear any of what was being said and there was really no real answering of the questions the moderator asked. Funnily enough, unorganized debates done in my high school AP Government class were done with more professionalism and respect than the presidential one. 

Joe Biden speaking
Photo by Phil Roeder from Flickr

This article is not about who you should vote for, (even though I have very strong opinions about who that should be), but rather about the mess that US Politics has turned into. US politics, probably, has never been at the pinnacle of professionalism, but we used to be better than this, at least. I never thought I would have to choose between two candidates with dementia and who have sexual assault allegations against them for president.

I also never thought I would have a random student in class be a better moderator than an actually hired moderator. Shoutout to the random 16 year-olds in my class who were in charge of moderating us. You did a much better job of getting people to shut up than an actual adult, so. 

However, the memes from this debate? Iconic. Frankly, the memes from this debate are the only reason I’m happy the debate happened.

I will leave everyone with one message – please go vote. Vote like your life depends on it – because while these choices may not affect your whole life, it will certainly affect others. 

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