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The Personality Test That Changed My Life

I am someone who is obsessed with personality tests. I would spend all day taking personality quizzes to learn about myself or analyzing other people and their personalities all day if I could. However, as a college student with schoolwork, a social life, other involvements, and lots of things to balance, that is unfortunately not possible. However, a few months ago I took the time to take one personality test, called The Four Tendencies Quiz, which truly has changed how I think about life and myself.This quiz, created by famous author and speaker Gretchen Rubin, is about how people are motivated and how they respond to their expectations. Essentially, there are outer expectations which are things other people expect you to do, and inner expectations which are goals you set for yourself and expect yourself to do. Everyone has a tendency to respond to outer and inner expectations with different levels of motivation. This tendency will affect all decisions made as well as how a person meets inner and outer goals. The four tendencies are obliger, questioner, upholder, or rebel. Personally, I am a rebel. This means that I am resistant to expectations. I do what I want to do in the way I want to do it and at the time that I want to do it. I basically live in the moment and always think about what I want to do at that specific moment. Finding out that I am a rebel was a major surprise at first; after reading more about it, though, it has truly changed my life! There are loads of situations that occur every day where I am realizing how much sense my rebel tendencies describe me. This new insight has helped me understand how I can most effectively get schoolwork done and make plans with friends or for myself.

Overall, I would very strongly recommend taking ten or so minutes out of your day to take this quiz! I have convinced/forced ALL of my friends to take it, and they have all been very interested in their results.


Hi, I'm Maddy! I am a sophomore at Christopher Newport University. I'm majoring in Psychology and Communications and minoring in Leadership Studies. In my free time I enjoy watching YouTube, eating macaroni and cheese, petting dogs, and listening to music.
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