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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

We’ve all spent some time daydreaming about our ideal futures: what our home will look like, the kind of clothes we’ll wear, and all those other little details that come together to make a dream aesthetic. We asked the girls of our Her Campus chapter at CNU what kind of aesthetic they dream of for their futures, and here’s what they had to say.

Light Academia

Brooke: “I wish to complete my metamorphosis into the ultimate Light Academia working girl in a big city. Pearl headband, beige sweaters, high heels, with a magazine always in hand. I aspire to be a hardworking hustler in the journalism or fashion industry powered by ice coffee and pure feminist energy. Imagine a 5 foot tall pipsqueak strutting the town to attend an important meeting with Vogue! I hope to live an independent life filled with happiness in my professional as well as personal life.”

Bad B*tch

Alauni: “Whatever gives off the most bad b*tch vibes as possible! Red lipstick, a good pantsuit, and a badass degree. Anything that shows both grace and girl power.”


Abigail: “I want to have a streetwear aesthetic for my future. Think tomboy skater girl.”

Anna Schultz-Converse Skateboards
Anna Schultz / Her Campus


Tiffany: “Lately, my social media feeds have been showing a lot of different fashion trends and I’ve been really intrigued by the “cottagecore” aesthetics. It just looks so soft and calming, something that I’d like to more into because the world is way too rushed these days.”

Coastal Vibes

Chaeli: “I want to live a laid back life. I as grow older, I want to be one of those really chill old people. I think what fits that the best is the coastal vibes aesthetic because people like this live away from the hustle of life.”

Plant Cottage

Sierra: “I really want to live a comfy life in a house full of plants. I envision a tamer version of cottagecore: sage green furniture pieces, morning decaf tea, and plants hanging from the ceiling and sitting on window sills. I want my house and the nature around it to be a nice little safe haven for me while I make art.”

Allison is a Junior at Christopher Newport University, studying Psychology and Leadership Studies. She enjoys reading, writing poetry, and listening to Alt Rock music. Find her on insta @allibryan
21 yr old Virgo writer at Christopher Newport University. Big feminist. Coffee ice cream enthusiast. Communication Major.
CNU Freshman Class of 2026 Major: Cellular, Molecular, & Physiological Biology Minor: Leadership PLP & MAPS Loves writing, traveling, and being a goofball 🫶🏾
Tiffany's a senior studying psychology with a double minor. On campus, she's a part of Student Honor Council and the Student Sustainability Commission. In her free time, she's usually trying new food places with friends, cooking, or hitting the gym! You can check her out on Instagram @tiffy_ni
Marvel. Hot Sauce. Club Sports. Chaeli is a first-gen college kid looking to find her voice on campus. She is a double major in Criminology and Anthropology in the Class of '25 at Christopher Newport University. She is hoping to explore more of the criminal justice field in law school or become an then eventually become an anthropologist full time.
Sierra is a 2023 alumna and former president of the Her Campus at Christopher Newport University chapter. She primarily covers topics surrounding mental health and personal growth, sometimes dabbling in the analysis of cultural trends and fashion, as well. Sierra received a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Childhood Studies, and is currently working towards completing her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology. In addition to writing for Her Campus, her work has also been featured in The Cupola, CNU’s undergraduate research journal. In her free time, Sierra loves thrift shopping, going on Target runs, and caring for her many plants.