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A Narrow Nation of Immigrants

As you know, we are a nation of immigrants, even if the immigrants that brought each and every one of us here are dead and gone. Every one of our families, however long ago, decided to move to the United States for whatever reason they chose. And the immigration that has occurred has shaped the population into what it is today.

Think about it: If no one, not even the English, had invaded the Americas, what would the boundaries of our country be like? We can safely say that there would probably be a healthy Native American population, or at least an emptiness of caucasians.

Compared to most countries (especially in Europe), the good ol’ US of A has one of the highest amounts of people who can only speak one language, simply because we seem to ignore the presence of minorities or not recognize that there are millions of people living here that cannot speak English. When people go to foreign countries, most of the time they are able to find resources in a language that they speak. The United States, on the other hand, almost forces English upon anyone who visits or immigrates, because so many of us have no idea how to speak in their tongue. No idea how to connect with them.

Also, English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, but is one of those languages that you’re expected to learn if you want a good job. Now does it make sense why you spent twelve years of your life learning it?

Americans also lack in being open-minded. Granted, that has improved over the years, but we still see examples of people who see through the eyes of the race horse every day. (cough cough Donald Trump cough) We call ourselves a “melting pot” but refuse to turn the stove on for the sake of trying to rise above another skin color. Sometimes, we forget that the “immigrants” we are trying to take away from our country is contradictory. Unless you are Native American or Mexican, you are an immigrant. End of story.

Yes, you heard me right. Mexicans were here first. Embrace the meltiness.

My name is Danielle (Danni for short), and I am a transfer student here at ODU! Before I came here I wrote for Her Campus at CNU, and I was studying Computer Engineering of all things! I'm majoring in Graphic Design now, and minoring in Spanish. I also work as a delivery driver at Domino's. Besides writing I also enjoy photography, cooking, and dyeing my hair dark red!
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