Meet Our Sister Chapter: Her Campus at JMU!

This semester, we've paired up with Her Campus at JMU -- take some time to learn some more about them!

Her Campus at JMU

School size: ~20,000

Her Campus Team size: 27

Favorite things about being in Her Campus at JMU?

“Her Campus at JMU has been awesome to be a part of during my college career! One of the most memorable events we put on was a fashion show my freshman year.” - Rachel P, 2017

“I like being in Her Campus because it gives myself and fellow HC writers the chance to use our voice to hopefully inspire, educate, or entertain our fellow Dukes!” - Jenna O, 2018

“HC gave me the opportunity to write about topics that I enjoy and try out new things for content. It also brought me closer to a group of girls that share similar interests, and it’s always a fun time hanging out with them!” -Edel R, 2018

"I like being in HC because I get to meet so many girls that I wouldn't have met otherwise with so many awesome backgrounds!" - Lex C, 2018