Love Island is the Best Show Ever

Love Island is a reality tv show that places singles into a house. The first series (and the only version of the show I have watched) takes place on the coast of a European beach with singles from the UK. And these aren’t just the classic Brits, oh no, these folks are crazy. It’s like how all Americans are stereotyped as Jersey Shore/Valley Girl types, whereas the UK is stereotyped as being proper and posh. Well, these are England’s Jersey Shore types and oh my goodness, it is entertaining.

Essentially, the show starts off with five insanely attractive boys and five insanely attractive women and throws them into a massive house. No one has a real job because you can’t leave an actual job for 6 weeks of your life but they all love to party, and that’s all that really matters. So, the show begins with coupling and 5 pairs are created. Then, new islanders are introduced at random times as well as new recouplings at any moment. So, at any time anyone could go home, anyone could break up, there could be new people -- oh, and this is all happening live and the public can vote on it. The public can vote for a variety of things that shifts the game. The islanders have no contact with the outside world so public votes for the worst couple can shed light on what is really happening in the relationship behind one of the partners’ back. Also, there are games that are played that typically expose what other islanders have said about each other or have the couples do insanely intimate activities. 

Unlike American reality shows, there is a definite comedic tone with the show. There are super dramatic moments and there are “real feelings” at stake, but the entire show is narrated by a Scottish comedian. He acts as a viewer, essentially making fun of all the islanders and the drama that’s happening. It is a perfect example of British dry humor coming to conflict with American sense of humor. But it makes it so much better and I highly suggest this man narrate any reality show. 

I have friends who love the Bachelor who love this show, but I also have friends who hate the Bachelor and love this show. It is a huge commitment because a new episode comes out every single day, so if you are watching a season after it has already come out, that’s a lot of episodes. You’ll tell yourself there’s no way I’ll waste that much of my time on a reality show, but you will. 

Love Island is by far the most superior reality television show and you cannot convince me otherwise. What are your favorite shows?