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I Reread Twilight and Here’s How I Felt

Twilight. We all read it. We all cringed our way through 5 films. We all had to pick a side: Team Edward or Team Jacob.

loved Twilight when I was younger. I devoured the first few books, and waited patiently until the entire series was released. I could always go back to the first book and find those super gross, romantic feelings I had as a teen reading the novels. I recently found the infamous apple-covered book, and took a weekend to reread it…. and I had so many feelings.

1. Bella is such a flat character. 

Listen, I know we all wanted to be her at some point–vampire boyfriend and all that– but guys… she was so boring. She liked books. She was clumsy. Then she became a vampire and wasn’t. That was it. So. Flat.

Also (!!!), she places all her identity in him (see New Moon). They– especially her– place all their eggs in that basket. Everything she becomes is because of him. Ladies, that is not cute (see “Miss Independent” by Ne-Yo).

2. Why the Sparkles?!?

I understand the “we attract humans” thing, but that was just ridiculous, and honestly weird. Bella, how was that attractive??

3. In hindsight, I understand why we all have such issues with romance.

Honestly, Edward and Bella met, and like, the next day, they were so in love. I get the vampire aspect is already the unrealistic part, but the added level of weird relationship just made it so frustrating. 

Did you read Twilight as a teen? Did you love or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!

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