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I Did A “Men’s” Ab Workout So You Don’t Have To

I love fitness. I am always curious to learn more and do more. I’ve always been really confused by the workouts geared towards men and the workouts geared towards women. I understand that most women aren’t looking for a lot of muscle tone, but I personally like that aesthetic. For some areas of the body, like abs, a distinction between men and women workouts baffles me. I decided to try a week by week workout plan geared towards men for abs, called Ab Routine of the Ancients. If you want to try the routine for yourself, the link to the fitness model (Jon Skywalker) that I got the routine from is here. I’m not a big fan of the way he talks about women, but an effective ab workout is an effective ab workout. I committed to the program and added it into my regular fitness routine for three weeks. Here’s what I learned:

1. Less is more.

Classic moves like planks and crunches are your friends. If professional fitness models regularly use them, then they’re pretty effective. Just make sure that you’re breathing and maintaining form!

2. Add weight.

If you want to make things more challenging and get an even better workout, add weight to a classic move. Skywalker’s ab routine incorporates weighted sit-ups, which even with a five pound weight is a challenge, let a lone a twenty-five pound weight. 

3. Switch it up.

Vary it up from day to day. If you do the same moves, your body gets used to the movements. We’re adaptable like that. By having different moves, you can target different parts of your abs and keep your body from getting used to the move. It also keeps things form getting boring. 

4. Dynamic and Static

Some ab routines are stationary, like bicycle crunches, while others involve movement, like mountain climbers. Add a combination of both to get the most benefits from your workout. 

5. You can take rest days! 

The routine that I followed had multiple rest days, yet still allowed me to get more toned abs. If you work hard on the days you workout, you can take days off. 

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