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How Your Morning Routine Can Help You Cope with the Stress of Finals

So it’s Finals Week and you’re tempted to roll out of bed, put on a comfy sweater, throw your hair in a bun, maybe put in your contacts rather than glasses, and head out the door. Understandable. 

I don’t know about you, but when I take the time to make myself look good, I end up feeling good/ more confident/ capable. Basically, what I’m saying is pick the day that you’re having your hardest final and allow yourself those extra few minutes or half an hour to do something GOOD for YOU. Whether that’s picking out your favorite outfit, swiping on your favorite winged liner look and some brow gel, or doing your hair, I HIGHLY recommend doing something to make you feel like you’re ready to take on the day. 

I know, you’re probably thinking Why would I waste my time doing that?! But girl, we all know you stayed up wayyyyy past your bedtime last night studying for this exam and you DESERVE to let this morning’s routine transcend you! 

There’s something almost therapeutic, in my opinion, about applying makeup and focusing on this art form. 

But also, once again, I get it if you’re just NOT feeling it and would rather take those extra few minutes to review your notes or make some coffee. In this case, I urge you to put on a face mask for those ten to fifteen minutes and grab some ice water to hydrate your skin and body while you study. Even if I’m feeling a no makeup day or just don’t have the energy, a glowing, refreshed face makes me feel just as CONFIDENT!

Also, if you’re the type of person who needs some background noise while studying, I recommend (first, putting in some earbuds so that you don’t wake up your roommate who just got to sleep an hour ago and so that you don’t violate Quiet Hours) blasting a motivational song to get you pumped to ace your final!  (Personally, So What by P!nk or Like A Girl by Lizzo are my GO-TO songs when I need to pump myself up!)

Even if you’re feeling tired, ice cold water and and music can transcend you just as much as focusing on your outfit or makeup can. Although, if you really want to treat yourself, go ahead and do a combination of these: a facemask or shower, makeup/ cute outfit, some ice cold water and coffee, and your favorite song!

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Good luck the rest of this week and don’t be afraid to allow yourself to have those small relaxing moments to help destress from all that work you’re putting in!

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