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How To Spend Your Upcoming Galentine’s Day

Grab your gal pals, your playlist filled with your group’s all time favorite bangers, some sunglasses, and get ready to celebrate the amazing women in your life! Galentine’s day is worthy of being celebrated…because, well, these are YOUR girls. YOUR support system. YOUR gang to laugh, cry, and be chaotic with. Whether this is a newer friend group, or one you’ve found yourself turning to for the past decade, here are some tips on how to make this February 13th memorable:

Go Out to Brunch! 
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My personal favorite, not too far from campus, is Byrds! At Byrd’s you’re sure to find something for your breakfast connoseuir bestie or stick-to-the-basics sista from another mista. It’s well worth the wait!

Make Memory Jars at Lion’s Bridge
Someone Great Netflix

Sprawl out on blankets or towels, listen to the calm water, and enjoy your afternoon lunch while making Memory Jars together. Have everyone write a variety of memories about each girl (i.e.: “funniest memory together,” “a time I really appreciated your support,” “my favorite thing about you is,” “I love our friendship because…” etc.) and put them in everyone’s mason jar for reminicising on later when needing a confidence boost or laugh.


Play Your Own Just Dance / Make a Music Video

Queue up your favorite songs’ music videos and follow along to your favorite artist’s dance moves! (suggestion: Homecoming by Beyonce)

pro-tip: record yourselves and create your own parody of the music video 

Go see Birds of Prey

In my opinion, this is the film equivalent of a hype up/ women empowerment song.

The amount of boss lady energy I had after seeing this is something powerful and should not be challenged.

Eat Pizookies at BJs
Photo courtesy of Food Network Kitchen

These are a comforting hug in dessert form. End the night by indulging with your besties…you deserve it!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Galentine’s Day!

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