How To Self-Improve

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful summer and wonderful beginning of the school year. Before everyone gets knee-deep in studying, partying, papers, jobs and whatever else you do, I want to get knee-deep into self-improvement. Self-improvement goes hand in hand with your mental, emotional and physical health. It is like that fourth side of the square. Improvement does not have to be hard; it can actually be quite easy. Here are some easy tips, hacks, tricks, etc for how to self-improve.

  1. 1. Overall Health

    Take your multi-vitamins. Diseases are everywhere; help yourself and start taking your multi-vitamins.

    Medicine bin. In my desk, I have a little bin that has medications varying from advil to honey flavored Halls and everything in between. I like to be prepared rather than having to run to Harris Teeter when I feel like I’m dying. 

    Healthy Eating. This does not mean cut out pasta, cookies, bread, juice and all delicious things. Healthy eating is about moderation and portion. Try incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your everday life. Healthy fats and lean meats are also important in a healthy diet. Then lastly, if you want a cookie, piece of cake or a milkshake, it is ok to eat it. 

    Drink water!!!! Bring your water bottle everywhere with you. It is so important to cleanse your system.

  2. 2. Mental/Emotional Health

    Talk to someone. Talking about your day is a weight lifted off your shoulder. Whether what you talked about was good or bad, it is so important to get your feelings out so you are not harboring them inside.

    Journaling. If you don’t feel comfortable talking with someone, try writing it down--as long as you are getting your thoughts and feelings out.

    Breathing. I know this may seem simple, but when a lot of things are coming at you and its too much, take a deep breath. Take a step back and breathe.

  3. 3. Physical Health

    Working out. Whether that means going to an acutal gym, walking around your neighboorhood or doing an at-home routine, as long as you are moving your body we are all good.

    Eating right. I know I already wrote about this, but it also plays a hand in your physical health. The food we put in our body creates energy. If you put sugary, processed foods in your body you are going to get hungry faster and feel drowsy, tired, etc. It also doesn’t have to mean eat aspargus every day of your life. Maybe try to eat carrots with your lunch or make yourself a smoothie in the morning to get the necessary nutrients.

  4. 4. Skin Care

    Establish a routine. I don’t mean do twenty different things in the morning (I mean you can if you want). I mean wash your face every morning, moisturize your face (all skin types aka oily skin its still important to moisturize). You won’t see/keep results unless you have consistency.

I hope you all enjoyed this article with tips on how to improve your overall health and lifestyle. There are probably many more things I can say or categories I can add but this is just to get started. Improving your self/life does not have to be scary. Take baby steps and applaud yourself when you workout 3x a week, or cut back on coffee, sugar, etc. Have a great weekend, everyone!