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How I’ve Been Getting Out Of My Own Head

I’ve been way too in my head these past few weeks. Lately I’ve been working with these concepts to get out of it. 

Listening to Audiobooks 

I feel I never have time anymore to enjoy a book on my own time. Audible has come in hand to actually read something (minimum effort required) other than what my classes require. Audiobooks are definitely not for everyone though! Explore by listening to your favorite book or experiment and find voice actors you like. 

Just Driving Without a Destination in Mind 

Long, pointless car drives are always my go-to. There’s nothing better for me than a long car drive, a good soundtrack, a best friend and the dashboard reading eight o’clock at night–or drive when the sun’s setting. She’s a beaut. 

Just Taking Care of Myself 

Sleep in if you need it, take a boiling hot bath if your body desires it, eat the candy bar you’ve been craving, spend the $20 you’ve been too scared to spend.

I’m not ashamed to admit I probably sleep more than the typical college student, but lately I feel like I’m exhausted 24/7. Sleep in if you must. Relax on the couch in the biggest sweatshirt you own. Don’t wear makeup or do your hair. Eat a piece of chocolate or that pasta dish Mama makes all too well, and don’t worry about its calorie count. Spend $20 on the blouse or face serum you really want. Do your work and when you become overwhelmed, STOP. Treat yourself, take care of your mind and body, DO IT AND DON’T OVERTHINK IT BECAUSE IT IS A NECESSITY!

Go to the Movie Theater 
Felicity Warner / HCM

BEST BEST BEST TIME. I used to go to the theater alone early in the morning when I was living in Boston, watching movies back-to-back and then going on a long walk around Boston Common. BEST BEST WAY TO ESCAPE. I actually was able to go to the movies this past week and see 1917. Great time, especially when you walk into the theater when it’s still light out and dark when you walk out. 

Finding New Music and Organizing Playlists
Girl Holding Vinyl Record
Breanna Coon / Her Campus

Find a new artist, new song, new album. I’ve never been a playlist girl. I just don’t really get it because I never know how to organize my music. Recently however, I’ve been trying to sort my 4,000+ songs on Spotify into distinct playlists.

So make a new playlist and listen to it on repeat. Listen to music on your record player and open your window while re-decorating or cleaning your room. Surround yourself with a shit ton of plants, sunlight, and a clean room and you’ll be swell. 

Read a Really Shitty, Cliche Book 

Weird I know, but reading a really bad book, whether it be because of its cliche plot or genuinely horrible writing, is always a good way for me to get out of my head and chill. 

Take a breather, folks. We’re almost done with the semester. Take a break if you need it. Go to the beach and get some bubble tea or Chick-fil-A.. Sleep two more hours than usual, go to the movies and visit a friend. Walk to the store instead of driving and go shopping without any intention of buying anything. DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO! But also wash your hands kids. We don’t need no disease stopping us from having a good spring. 

Hey all! My name is Monica and I'm currently a senior at CNU dual majoring in History and English Literature. Most likely you're going to catch me on campus stressed, binging House or Criminal Minds or hanging out with my roommates and watching horrible movies, fixing family dinners, and wasting all my money at Barnes and Noble.
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