HC @ CNU Discover Weekly: Black History Month

Black History Month might hve just concluded, but there should never be an end to finding new Black artists to listen to! We chose some amazing black artists that have been reviving our eardrums and giving us life. Check out what we chose, and be sure to listen to our new playlist below:

1. "I Want You Back" by the Jackson 5

"I really love this song because a) baby Michael Jackson is a part of it and b) although the lyrics may not be the happiest, the beat is so uplifting-- it's almost impossible not to dance and sing along!" -Nina B., Writing

2. "Pain" by Early St. Clair

"I was listening to some alternative indie playlist while doing homework, and liked it. When I came back and actually listened to it, I realized how good it was!" -Princess T., Social Media

3. "Blessings" by Chance the Rapper

"I love Chance, his music, and his dedication to his faith (but he's not overt about it except in this album). He also gives back to the community A LOT, especially to Chicago, his hometown." -Royall B., Editor-in-Chief

4. "8Teen" by Khalid

"It just speaks to me and what it's like wanting ot be a carefree, millennial teenager." -Royall B.

5. "Tous Les Memes" by Stromae

"So this one is in French, but if you look up the translation of the words (and watch the music vid), it’s basically about gender roles within relationships and how it’s problematic. Stromae’s stage name is literally an anagram for “maestro,” and he’s such a brilliant artist. Even performed live at a football match the Belgian Red Devils were playing in (the team also featured in one of his other music vids)." -Royall B.

6. "River" by Leon Bridges

"I LOVE this song. It's bluesy and jazzy and just... like you wanna dance with someone in a smokey jazz club or something. Bridges' voice is as smooth as butter." -Julianna G., Senior Editor

7. "Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)" by Irma Thomas

"If you hear this song and think of Black Mirror, I'm so sorry for your newfound fear of guinea pigs and serial killers. If you think of The Crown, I love you and wish I was British, too. Anyway, I love this song. It's very sweet." -Julianna G.

8. "Criminal" by Miguel

"I never really listened to Miguel, but when his new album came out, I downloaded it on a whim. I've been bumping to it ever since." -Jordan C., Photography

9. "20 Something" by SZA

"Pretty much the same story here... I downloaded her latest album and I love it. This song is especially good because it's all about being 20-something and all the feelings that go with it." -Jordan C.

10. "The Way" by Kehlani ft. Chance the Rapper

"This song is sooooo good. Kehlani and Chance are both such good artists. This song goes hard." -Jordan C.

11. "Misunderstood" by PnB Rock

"I recently discovered PnB Rock and I adore his voice. This song gives me the feeeeeeels." -Jordan C.

12. "Dark Red" by Steve Lacy

"I have been grooving to this song so hardcore this week ever since I’ve found it on SoundCloud . It always puts me in such a better mood." -Ashley M., Videography

13. "Them Changes" by Thundercat

"I like this song because it's funky af, and his name is Thundercat." -Mollie J., Events

14. "Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)" by Daniel Caesar

"a BOP if you're looking for a good "get in the mood" song... and by that I mean romantic dinner... (def not sex...)" -Mollie J.

15. "All the Stars (with SZA)" by Kendrick Lamar

"This is ALSO a BOP. Plus it was on Black Panther aka the best movie out right now." -Mollie J.

16. "I Only Have Eyes For You" by The Flamingos

"The more I'm thinking of what my favorite songs are, the more I'm realizing that I need someone to take me on a date to a smokey, jazz bar and buy me a bourbon on the rocks... I'm an old soul! What more can I say? Anyway, I love this song. It's another "dance-with-someone" kind of song. Aaaand it's also from The Crown. I'm a sucker for old-timey things." -Julianna G.

17. "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes

"This song is so beautiful because the message is a great lesson to everyone going through heartbreak or may just be feeling down about finding "the one". It reminds us that we can't rush good things and that we must go through some heartbreaks before we find the one we're meant to be with!"- Nina B.

18."My Girl" by the Temptations

"It's a wonderfully cheerful song, and it makes cloudy days seem sunny." -Adelaide N., Writing

19. "Nightmare on My Street" by Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff

"This gem is often forgotten, but such a great rap song to keep Halloween alive 365!" -Shannon C., Writing

20. "Ain't No Way" by Aretha Franklin

"This list could not be complete without Aretha. This women... just... there are no words. The talent is unbelievable. She's so raw, and you can hear it in her voice when she sings. I just went through a really rough break-up, and I realized that I have never related more to a song than this one. So, so (so, so, so) good." -Julianna G.

We hope your ears are revived by these amazing jams. Be sure to check out the full playlist below!