Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce: Your Next Quarantine Obsession

I know, I know. We should be doing productive things during quarantine, but sometimes you just need a brain break, and sometimes that brain break turns into a Netflix binge. I’m here to present to you: Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce on Netflix.

I’m pretty specific about the TV shows I like to watch. The shows I like the most are funny and lighthearted, with very minimal drama. Nowadays, there’s enough drama going on in the world, so I like TV to be funny and take my mind off of things, so my favorite shows are New Girl, Jane the Virgin, and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce shot right to the top of my list when I started watching it. It’s about an author who’s caught in the middle of a sticky divorce, and how her girlfriends help her get through it and move on with her life. The story line is funny but romantic and overall lighthearted, offering the perfect binge-worthy Netflix show.

I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who likes Jane the Virgin, because *tiny spoiler alert* the main character writes a romance novel at one point during the show, and it gives me biggg Jane energy. Way less telenovela, way more realistic romance, but still, super romantic!

The show is five seasons long with 40 minute episodes, so there’s plenty to watch and throughout the time, you really get to know all of the girlfriend characters so it doesn’t continue to drone on and on about the same story! If you’ve got the time, I’d definitely recommend grabbing your favorite pint of ice cream, lighting a candle, and watching under a blanket!

Alisa Anton U_Z0X