Five Ways to Stay Sane During Finals

Hi everyone I hope you are doing ok. Things are still crazy but we will get through it together. So this week is the dreaded finals week. I have mixed emotions because I am happy to be done with online school but also scared because finals. I also feel sad, my sophomore year was interrupted like everyone else's. I really miss my friends and my school. I know though that everything will be ok. So for finals week I would like to bestow upon you some tips to stay sane. Without further ado. 

  1. 1. Me time

    Now normal me time would be to take a break from everyone and everything. Finals me time is a chance to take a break from studying and worrying about finals. Whether that be hanging out with family, facetiming friends, taking a bath, etc. Take me time as a way to relax your mind. 


  2. 2. Meditate/Yoga

    silhouette of woman doing yoga pose

    I have been getting into yoga recently and it is very relaxing. So I would encourage you to give it a try. There are a bunch of apps that have different routines to try. 

  3. 3.   Have a cookie

    Chocolate Chip cookie

    This one is really random but yes give yourself a cookie for the job well done on your finals. 

  4. 4. Get fresh air 

    low angle of green trees

    As most of us are cooped up in our homes getting outside can be a bit difficult. But I highly recommend that you take a step outside and breath in that fresh air. 

  5. 5. Watch Tv/listen to music or podcast 

    Taking your mind off finals for a little while can help your brain regroup from all the information you are trying to pack in.

Ok those are some tips to help yourself stay sane while doing finals. Hope you enjoyed. Until next time