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Five Albums to Listen to As You’re Worrying about Finals

So, it’s almost to finals season. This final season is weird for me, because I’m well, a senior. It’s weird, to be reaching the finish line for my college career even if I am excited. As such, I’m recommending albums for people to listen to while they’re studying!

The Dragon Age Inquisition (Original Game Soundtrack)

This is a weird album to put on here, you may think, but there are clinical studies saying video game soundtracks are better for studying! So, I tried it out last semester and it was super effective. It’s a bop, honestly, I promise. If you want to listen, you can find it here.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Original Game Soundtrack

The Elder Scrolls soundtrack is another amazing video game soundtrack if you aren’t down for Dragon Age: Inquisition’s one. I also listened to this one last semester and both were amazing. You can find it here. 

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

If you haven’t heard Taylor’s Version of Fearless, her sophomore album re-released, then you need to listen to that immediately. It’s filled with familiar songs, which means you can easily let it play in the background as you do your work. You can find it here

Mama Mia (Either the first one or Here We Go Again)
mamma mia three dads
Relativity Media

Mamma Mia is an amazing movie-musical, with an incredible sequel to match. Either album soundtrack is filled with incredible songs from Abba, full of energetic songs that are good for you to sing along to. The first one can be found here while the sequel can be found here

Sea Songs & Sea Shanties by La Nef & Sean Dagher

Sea Shanties are my last recommendations, specifically Sea Shanties & Sea Songs by La Nef and Sean Dagher. It’s a fun album and sea shanties are so relaxing to listen to, a perfect background for studying. You can listen to it here.

I hope these album recommendations help you study!

Hello, my name is Isabella and I am a 22-year-old senior. I'm a psychology major and women & gender studies and writing minor. I have an intense love for cats, social justice, feminism, and fandom life [name a fandom, I'm probably in it]. I'm a huge book nerd as well as a huge just, regular, nerd. You can find me sitting in my bed typing an article, procrastinating homework, or watching YouTube.
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