The First Week of Classes at CNU

Welcome back, Captains!

I'm sure you've heard that expression countless times this week from faculty, staff, and even PTribs himself. For the most part, I'd say we're all pretty glad to be back on campus. We've got our friends, we've got our organizations, (we've got a dining hall that's not finished yet)... But this week encompassed a large array of emotions. Here's the breakdown of how this week (probably) went for you, as told by a ton of GIFs.


I definitely resembled Zac Efron in this gif from HSM2 on Monday. It was a nice but also cool temperature, all of my friends were back, and the year was looking brighter than ever. Also, what's up with all the freshmen and white converse? Am I crazy? Did anyone else notice this? There was also free candy in the DSU so the unnecessary (but totally desired) sugar rush was great.


Rain, why you do this?

I started the worst four years of my life (high school) on a rainy day like Tuesday. There was a teeny tiny small part of me, just an itty bitty part, that thought about transferring that day because I thought it was a bad omen. Also, I may or may not have switched out of a class for the sole purpose of not having to stay on campus any longer that day than I had to.


I realized today that the dining halls were going to be this insane potentially all year long (or at least until Regs is finished) I spent a solid hour in the dining hall waiting for food... I kid you not.  The day also just felt really, really long.


Quite a few of my friends went to the beach on Thursday, because it was hot as hell. It was also the peak of my exhaustion this week. Naps were necessary, hangouts were cancelled, and classes were almost, but not skipped. Almost the weekend though... almost the weekend.


It's definitely only September 1st and now it's cold af. What is happening...???????

From all of us at Her Campus, we hope everyone had a great first week, and we'll be C-N-U later!