Finals as Told by Gilmore Girls

I adore Gilmore Girls. I started religiously watching it my sophomore year, and even got my mom into it as well. Now that I'm going back and watching the show again, I'm realizing just how much the show explains my life, especially finals.

1. Coffee


Need I say more? If you don't pick up a slight coffee addiction during finals, do you really even college? 

2. Reviewing Notes

At some point in time, you know you studied this, but you can't remember anything about it. Honestly, your notes from the beginning of the semester seem like a foreign language at this point.

3. Suffering Together


My favorite classes are those that I have with friends. Although the class may be hard, at least I get to share my suffering and sleeplessness with someone else!

4. Sleep

When you finally do get it, it feels like you'll never leave your bed again. I'm a true lover of sleep, and once I'm in bed for the day, I stay there!

5. Being Completely Brain-dead


I promise I care; I really do. However, I totally just spent 6 hours in the library, and I honestly don't have any more brain capacity right now. Remind me about it after my finals brain-dump!

Happy studying!