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Hello, everybody! I am sad to announce that this is going to be the last article in my Fall Recipes series. It has been fun, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed making it. This last recipe is of my favorite meals during the chilly months. It is also my dad’s recipe, so again, shout out to my dad. This is also a good chili alternative for those that don’t eat beef, like myself. Anyway, I introduce to you Fall Recipes: Turkey Chili.

Turkey Chili



   1 lb. ground turkey sausage

   2 cans kidney beans

   1/4 cups of red, yellow, and green peppers, chopped small 

   Half of a medium onion, chopped small 

   2 original chili seasoning packets

   Large jar of spaghetti sauce

   1 tbsp. oil



1. Brown the turkey in skillet

2. Put 1 tbsp. oil in saucepan, and saute onions and peppers until soft

3. Drain kidney beans

4. Add spaghetti sauce, kidney beans, chili seasoning, onions, peppers, and ground turkey into a medium pot. Cook on medium until chili comes to a boil. Then, simmer. Stir constantly.


– Add cornbread muffins for the ultimate meal

– Serve over white rice (my dad’s tip)

– The food lion brand of spaghetti sauce is what my dad recommends

– Make sure the turkey is well done

– It doesn’t matter if you use dark or light kidney beans

– You can also use the hot or medium chili seasoning packets 

– Oh, and we can’t forget about corn chips; they add the perfect crunch!

This is the last article of my Fall Recipes series until next year! I hope you enjoy because this is some bomb chili. Happy winter, ladies!


Hi everyone my name is Nicole and I am a senior at CNU. I am majoring in psychology and am currently applying to graduate school to become a licensed counselor. I currently enjoy watching American Horror Story with my roommates and reading.
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